Clinical Practice

Introduction despite recent passionate doubts about the effectiveness of placebos, is no doubt that there are contextual effects linked to medical interventions: not only the physical heals. As such placebo effect is evident and independent of placebo (understand reduccionistamente as substance or surgical procedure): behind a treatment there are 3000 years of medicine. This may be very obvious, but there are indications that this reality is currently one minor both in research and in clinical praxis role. There is almost universally (in all cultures, in most of diseases or disorders) a clinically significant improvement top margin to do nothing (control group). However, we don’t know what is, do not know set it and know how to use it. The strangest thing is that it does not seem to import us this ignorance: we are against perhaps the cheaper therapeutic agent, available and relatively effective (in terms of the number of treatable symptoms) that is known, and yet mysteriously is ignored. Although used throughout history, from the explosion of scientific advances in modern medicine, it seems that the use of therapeutic factors associated with beliefs has been marginalized.The reasons may be several (escapes to current scientific methodological resources? do lack of interest comercial-empresarial? is an ethical issue (deception)? O have been dropped in prejudice of associate placebo with an obstacle for the advancement of science in clinical trials?), but not applicable here discuss them.

In fact, it seems that here just exists today an interest in this topic. However, in general, would seem that almost nothing is known about placebo. Thus, the objective of this article is trying to reflect on what it is, and in particular to try to see if there is way to benefit us deliberately. Distinguish disease ill concept of placebo: according to Brody, is a change in the health or physical condition of a person attributable to the symbolic impact a certain stimulus (Brody limits to medicine: treatment or treatment situation). .

Internet Technology

It was the natural evolution toward the era of quality. At the time of the virtual consumer concerns of entrepreneurs and consumers pass through presence overall, available mainly for the Internet. Since the beginning of the economic theory of Adam Smith until very recently, the economists explained the development of the Nations as a result of three variables; cheap labor, abundant raw material and capital available for investments. Today it is known that they exist and are considered to be other variables, probably more important than the others; the technology and the process of entrepreneurship (activity of entrepreneurs). Scope: The importance of the application of technology and the process of entrepreneurship, on the performance and the competitiveness of enterprises of technological basis is unquestionable.

Currently new products and processes give businesses the possibility to compensate their scarce resources and/or weaknesses. Them they are overcome by the use of technology and innovation. If we repair in the competition, in the majority of sectors of the economy, we will see that you beat who better know how to use the technology. A country will be truly developed as you know creating an environment in which they have conditions improve and innovate faster than their foreign rivals for their companies.Where entrepreneurs manifest their creativity and take step to innovations that favour companies with competitive products. You need to bet more and more by entrepreneurs or creators of enterprises of technological basis. Although the capacity to undertake is a difficult to define concept, economists recognize its importance from the analysis carried out by j. Schumpeter, during the transition of the century. Individuals with vision, willing to risk their own money and the other investors in new products, constitute the engine that combines human and physical capital by stimulating economic growth and progress. Impact: Is witnessing the advent of the information society which has the ability to understand and use the added value, allowing the new instruments of work, which include computer, communications networks and telecommunications (information technology).

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