The world of modern man will not be able to imagine without such great events as the cinematography. Cinema allows any of us can brighten your reality, to distract, to feel something unknown. In the same way as a child loves fairy tales and myths, grown-up people appreciate the movie. Since only the movies can really feel yourself in another reality, or to learn a completely unbelievable in the current real things and happenings. For most fans of cinema kinonovinok appearance is connected with the perception of individual celebrations and joy. Since the on-screen favorite book characters come to life, and there possible different way to treat certain favorite novels, and more lovely bones reviews – it's exciting for those who are directly affair did not see in his eyes. Unexpected line bookstore plot, the actors demonstrated heroes will be forced to consider all to see.

Today there is no person who would never in my life have not looked reel. Cinema has become an integral piece of our lives. And directly Therefore, every man wants to find some time to see new items or have long adored movies. And if there is no chance or intention to go to the cinema, then Seek fresh movie on the Internet, especially considering that Mr. Nobody premiere at this point is already possible to find no problems. Find the most exciting movie to date is acceptable just as well to make a choice, it is best initially explore all the upcoming new products.

Only in the presence of full information the choice is really thoughtful – especially if, before heading to the cinema audience, in addition, and reads the description of the movie. And though in the movie the main thing – no developments, and the opportunity to see the quality director's work, play actors, but the story line is of paramount importance. The catch is that in every well established plot of a movie always feasible to find the real or close to the real situation. For example, this is the concept of the film "Looking for Eric. Sometimes the movie itself gives a person the opportunity to observe the output at the most, it might seem would be a hopeless position. So, for those who remain at the bottom of the depression directly, as the director, only one way – up. And in order to perceive it, the output – is in search of Eric. Real optimism is not always similar to the positive, which is projected onto our heroes movies. But immediately they are sometimes able to teach us how to act in itself, would seem a difficult situation.

TV Series Today

Now it was hard to find someone who never watched soap operas. Perhaps almost all the representatives of youth heard such great dramas like "Lost," "House" or "Friends." I certainly do not deny that there are people who basically can not stand the series, but you must admit, this television phenomenon of our time covering the whole world. Some people like to sitcoms such as "The Big Bang Theory" or "Friends." Someone like fantasy series in the style of "visitors" and "Supernatural." And some prefer serials on the subject of medicine, such as "Grey's Anatomy" or "Ambulance". But all these people have something in common – they empathize liked heroes, discuss with friends, what will happen in the next series and look forward to a new series. In this article I would like to provide you with a few small series of reviews that I think deserve special attention. By According to the actor Daniel Day-Kim, "You can not imagine that someone is discussing television twenty-first century without mentioning the Lost." I would venture to say that apart from "Friends", then to stay alive – this is the best episode in the the history of television. It's the story about the people who crashed and fell on an unusual island in the middle of the ocean. All people have a history, character, and all these people need to join together to survive.

On first glance, the plot seems trite series – people trying to survive on a desert island. But in six seasons all of you waiting for a large number of puzzles and discoveries. You'll find that over a hundred years living here and others that the island flying monster who locked up here for a few millennia, the island has built more than ten stations "Dharma" – a research project that existed here in the 70th. The last series of the show Lost was a major television event of the decade, its audience of 13.6 million people. It's impossible not to touch one of the legendary series in the history of television – series friends, situational comedy, tells the story of six friends. In the series, we show the lives of people who regularly get into the everyday life situations.

They fall in love and parting, having fun together, face problems at work. Although the episode, and ended six years ago, his episodes are still broadcast the mass channels around the world, and it remains popular. It was a review of just two of many tv series, which in my opinion is definitely worth a look. If you've watched them, do not be lazy and look on the internet reviews of other series – surely you can find something that will please you. And as soon as any episode you're interested, take a little time looking at pilot episode. There are quite a rather big chance that you are addicted, to secure a couple of days to relax in front of tv or monitor.

The English Ghost Effect

The only drawback – on the tv when viewing in the anaglyph glasses can pretty much ghosting associated with features of video conversion, so the highest quality viewing obtained on the computer monitor or projector. The disadvantages are not very good color rendering (due to color filters are transferred matter is particularly bright blue and red colors), sometimes filter skips not "own" image – resulting in "ghosting" (ghosting) pictures (from the English Ghost – ghost, a ghost. We can clearly see the image appears to semi double). There are many options anaglyph glasses: red / blue (red / blue, R / B), red and green (red / green, R / G), yellow-blue (yellow / blue, R + G / B), green-krasnosinie (green / magenta, G / R + B), red-blue-green (red / cyan, R / G + B). The latter are the most common, most films intended for viewing with these glasses.

Watch movies in anaglyph format can be in any video player. Buy anaglyph glasses can be bundled with licensed dvd with 3D films, with special stereoknigami or magazines, or be ordered on the Internet. If the purchase anaglaficheskie glasses does not work, they can make their rukami1. Pulfrich effect. Pulfrich effect is used to demonstrate the 3D effect, in film and television. In this case, himself a 3D effect is achieved due to the fact that the brain is a little longer recognizes optical stimuli darker than light. The essence of the recording using the Pulfrich effect is that either withdrawn object (person, animal, machine, etc.), or the camera is continuously moving in a certain direction.

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