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It is important to consider that the essence of branding does not change, which changes is the approach. Internet has demonstrated to be an excellent bond enters mark and fast, effective and efficient consumer for being. Then the approach to the mark could be three-dimensional. The success of the mark online can be measured and be quantified by: Reach and cover: how many usuary they do click on their mark How many usuary they return How many usuary they leave the Web site How long is exhibited to their mark What content prefers What message has been the one that and better result has given him more and if you are the looked for mark more in the motors search The innovation is in creating spaces of positioning of the mark through dynamism. Here the mark evolves with his target. Additionally, we are in the era of the accessibility.

The contents in the network can be accessible from any place of the world. eBranding then, must be present in all the chain of marketing in the company since it owns a strategic roll and therefore it leads and it influences all the communicative process and it determines the strategic direction of the interactive marketing of the company. Branding is much more that the name and the logo of the mark. This one must take the line of the income, maintain the strengths of the business, reduce the acquisition cost and of increasing the gains and of fighting with the variables of the market. However, the era of digital communication requires of strategies more demanding than those of the classic unidirectional communication. The true then risk, will be to adapt the mark to the new conducts that the technological era brings with himself. It goes here to the discussion . az3. in Digital Magazine of Businesses and Technology focused in informing to the public so that he is wide-awake and preparation against subjects of businesses, technology, professional development and the present time.

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