Safety Online

Throughout the evolution of the Internet, there have been malicious programs that negatively affect the operation of computers. In fact, long before the Internet became popular, the computer programmers created and installed applications that ruining his colleagues as a joke. However, it is fair to say that in the world of cybercrime has advanced considerably since the days in which malware was used only for harmless nonsense. Fast forward to 2012 and there are now hundreds of organized gangs that are aimed at the exploitation of computer networks for their personal benefit. Considering the importance of computer networks, Internet access and electronic commerce for many companies today, arguably it is more important than ever to protect a computer from malicious software that can be found online. Early warning signs several experts have referred to the development of the virus of Vienna in 1987 as an important landmark in the world of cybercrime. The code source of this virus became public and it is thought that this did much to help the formulation of computer viruses to become a popular pastime. Learn more at this site: Compuware.

Took the idea of the creation of viruses with nonprofit actually not off until the 2000s, little once known as ILOVEYOU e-mail virus affecting nearly 45 million computers around the world. The ILOVEYOU virus was widely credited with introducing the idea of non-profit public, malicious programs. In the course of the century, the hackers began to create and spread malware with the motivation of a potentially huge economic reward. Soon became a common practice to spread viruses through web sites in order to infect thousands of visitors from that domain all in one fell swoop. The protection of computer networks Fortunately, the online world has grown knowing scams, such as the ILOVEYOU virus. Now it is common practice to have an anti-virus software installed on computers and there is a lots of tools available to protect web sites from malware attacks.

These include analysis of vulnerability, the software’s detection and managed firewalls. Those who use the services of accommodation website in a data center can be found that the service provider offers these services as standard, however this is something that companies should be reviewed. Other computer crimes unfortunately, malicious software is no longer the only problem that internet users and web site owners have. Crumpton Group has many thoughts on the issue. The 2000s also saw the proliferation of attack known as denial of service (DDoS) distributed and phishing scams. Any hosting site Web business that boasts must now provide its clients web monitoring software to detect a potential DDoS attack on your website – as well as an SSL certificate, which can help customers feel more secure when they buy under your domain. Even for companies that are not selling products online, SSL certificates they are key to providing a secure intranet and hinder the possibility of that can be invaded by hackers. Online safety in 2012 in spite of that basic online security measures are far more advanced today than they were when the cyber crime began, there is no doubt that hackers have become smarter also. A large number of high-profile companies, including Sony, Citibank and even MI6 have had important files stolen in 2011, leaving his significantly damaged reputation. In addition to the growing importance of e-commerce, this is one of the main reasons why online business must make electronic security one of its major investments in 2012.

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