The axioms and statistics. In mathematics an axiom is one thing that does not need demonstration. For example and applied to sports. The referees made mistakes. Mathematics goes to statistics. Learn more at: Activision Blizzard. If it throws a coin into the air, sometimes out face and another cross.

If the coin is pulled many times and there is many times as it has left sided and cross that went there is that they coincide, or the times that have left one thing and another are equal. That is the basis of the statistics, approximately. If we return to sports and admit that the referees made mistakes, and they are always wrong in favour of one and against another, it is the same thing if the launch of the coins always face, and that is what boxes told us in the field of Barcelona, they had much face, i.e. that came always face. If representatives of political parties appear on television in election day may 22 at ten or eleven o’clock at night and they say: one: we have won. Other: We have brought satisfactory results, more favorable to those who gave us the surveys. Third parties: we have grown while the electoral law is unfavorable to us. If more or less everything remains the same, we lost each other statistically.

The markets know much statistics. The probability of successfully pay off debt will decrease. (Probability is a statistical concept). To created markets that. Because if they continue managing the thing that have led the debt to those limits, it is likely to continue doing the same thing. (Probably again, a statistical term). If there are two or three or four ruined boxes, the trend suggests that behind those go others. If those who sent and are still sending are responsible, those who vote them are irresponsible. I count as final an anecdote: while in Barcelona chatting with an acquaintance, it told me that I was going to vote to the tripartite, because in those last years had raised the pension more than in other periods. I told him that he did well. You safeguarding your interests. Making the observation that this man received a pension no contributory. It had been a crazy head and had never paid contributions. If debt rises and rises, and comes to a stop because the markets already not risk investing in debt because they believe that they will not collect, and to do rebates, pensions will be removed the contributory or those who vote for them to them. It seems to me that it is more correct to legally remove the non-contributory. The statistic will have the last word.

Losing Weight Healthily

Today, more and more people are concerned about maintaining good physical health. This can be seen by the number of people who enroll in gyms and sports clubs, without counting the diets and spending on health insurance. In a question-answer forum Eliot Horowitz was the first to reply. One of the major areas of concern in this field for women is to lose weight healthily, this is due not only to the physical health effects, but also plays an important role in the mental and emotional well-being, as well as in self perception most people know that be above or below the normal weight is not good for health, but health is much more than just body weight. Things like your family medical history, your genetic predisposition, the amount that drink or smoke, what kind of foods to eat and how much you exercise, all these elements have a major impact on health. It is not particularly useful to use its weight as a measure of your health. It is obvious that there are levels that will definitely be too high or too low, but within these limits, There is a wide range of healthy weights that people can have. Much of the concerns that people have about their weight, have to do with images from the media and the glamorous advertising, not with health. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Activision Blizzard.

We are surrounded by images and conceptions of beauty which distort our idea of what a healthy body should be, must be careful to lose weight healthily. Many media images actually show people who are underweight, underweight, normal, and do not represent a healthy level or an example to contrast the overweight. If you are really interested in the health, then weight loss should not be the ultimate goal of all efforts. You should try to reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, eating healthy foods, getting a reasonable amount of exercise, and in general take care of itself. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read.

Houston Rockets

EP (2.26 meters) Chinese player puts an end to his career ravaged by injuries. He could only play five games in his last two seasons in the NBA. It was number 1 in the 2002 NBA draft and one of the most dominant pivots in the League. Without hesitation JCI explained all about the problem. All the statistics of Yao Ming in the NBA. Chinese Center of the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming (2.26 meters and 140 kilos) has announced its etirada r after nine seasons in the NBA the not being able to recover from his latest injury in his left leg, as they cite American media.

Yao Ming landed in the League in the year 2002 from the Shanghai Sharks after being chosen in the first position of the NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets. To broaden your perception, visit Mike_ Epps. Due to his appearance in the League, the NBA began to generate much income coming from the emerging Chinese market. Due to injuries, Chinese Center played only five games in his final two years in the League. The five were last season, the 2010-2011, since in the 2009 – 2010 did not arrive or to jump to the Park. The first three seasons of Yao in the League they marked that, in principle, could be a brilliant career. It was in the year 2005-2006 when the Chinese started to have problems with injuries.

Since that season, the pivot has lost 250 matches. Kevin Mchale, new coach of the Rockets, spoke about the possibilities of having Yao landing in Houston. We would all be very happy if Yao returns to play, and I hope that it can, he said. However, Yao, 8-times All Star, underwent surgery in January and said it would not know until this summer if he would be able to play again.

Elementary Level

You want to speak English better but don’t know how? It is a very common situation, and you have to decide what you will do. Salar Kamangar has many thoughts on the issue. People said that English overseas courses are the best solution, but it is really so? There is not a single answer for everyone around will depend on your level and your personal situation. Before that nothing must take into account your current level. A beginner or someone with elementary level that decides to study English abroad course will not get the same performance of your stay. Please bear in mind that the advantage of the English courses abroad, against the courses in your own country, is that you can take advantage of opportunities to practice the language outside the classroom. The problem of having a very low level (beginner or Elementary) is that you’re not going to find out almost nothing and lose the opportunity to make rapid progress. However, if you have an intermediate level up, it can take advantage of your studies of English abroad meet people to your around them, engage in conversation with the people in the bus all what have in their daily life a native. The problem is that even some people intermediate level up nor decide to test abroad English courses, especially for the price.

Today, it is much easier to find some kind of work to help you afford your course. It is true that they tend to be jobs in the sector services (restaurants, shops, etc.), but if really what you going to study English, that must be it less. If you’ve already decided that the best for you might join one of the many courses of English abroad, enters linguistic services ABT web pages to have a broader view of all available options. Original author and source of the article.

Southeast Asia Department

Cement manufacturer announce raise output to 46 M and The management of Dangote Cement believes that only a liberalised distribution system can make increased local production translate to cheaper cement and make meaningful the huge investments in local production. While the Mekong Delta has an extensive inland waterway network that operates effectively and best suited for bulk agricultural products, the current road transport network is constrained by poor connections, narrow pavements, and frequent waterway crossings. Educate yourself with thoughts from Petra Diamonds. On April 5, the cement ball mill manufacturing company announced plans to raise its output to 46.3 million metric tons by 2015 as it s videos across Africa. Output in Nigeria will account for 32 million tons of that 2015 projection from 20 million tons this year. The absence of a reliable road network in the Mekong Delta is a significant constraint to attracting higher-value agricultural and industrial investments that would lead to an increase in economic activity, said James Lynch, Director of ADB s Transport and Communication Division, Southeast Asia Department. Once constructed, the bridges are expected to carry 170000 users per day and help connect and benefit the five million residents of An Giang, Can Tho and Dong Thap provinces. The bridges and road will also improve transport services across and within the Central Mekong Delta region by connecting Ho Chi Minh City with the southwestern region of the Mekong Delta. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cross River Bank.

With more investments by the sector players combined, local production has risen to about 27 million metric tons per annum, with the national demand estimated at between 17 and 18 million metric tons per annum. This TA will finance consulting services to prepare detailed engineering designs and bidding documents for Cao Lahn Bridge and the road that connects the two bridges.Consulting firm recruited under the TA will also assist the Government of Viet Nam with procurement of works and monitor construction, ensure the project s adherence to ADB s Safeguard Policy Statement, and help implement its social action plan, said Rustam Ishenaliev, ADB Transport Specialist s. Cement sand maker Hongxing producer reported first half sales of CHF10.4 billion (8.6 billion), up 2.1% year-on-year, while net income increased 0.9% to CHF624 million (519 million). The increase was fuelled by the emerging markets and North America, in particular the company’s divisions in the US, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. The Ministry of Transport is the executing agency for the TA. It is expected that the engineering designs and bidding process will be completed within 2012 and construction will start in 2013.

Area Audiovisual Translation

The development of the translation service in idiomatic gesture from its principles to facilitate as it is understood, communication and understanding between people of any culture, however this also brought with it a very important result which was globalization cultural, not only applied to spoken and written communication, but also to the projected, making foster poli-cultural interaction through various media such as film and television already highlighted. On the other hand, developed in audiovisual translation translators specialized career or studies in compression gestural and spoken in various languages, taking as a principle a language general and applicable to the translation; bone, when you want to translate vocally to a language specific, the translator should be set quite the aspects the vocalization and gestures of the characters or scenes which you want to apply such a translation. It is good when we talk about the translation audio visual highlight the different ways that this can be applied, among which highlights some as oral dubbing or voice-over, subtitling and audio description; due to the case of being applied to a type of any language which require each within if a different specialization, with the purpose of achieving interpret aspects such as stress, gestures and vocalization of that language, this course when we speak of an oral part; for a written part is basic knowledge semantic and applicative, without mentioning a foreign language vocabulary, quite broad so that in this way the translation can be applied to the new language more natively. Others including Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank?, offer their opinions as well. One aspect to highlight about the development of audiovisual translation is its great influence in the two main applications of this activity aspects such as the already mentioned film and television, since due to this aspect the expansion, especially of cinema, has been one of the main virtues displayed by such a translation. In the activity of translating dealt is good to mention some companies as Laserfilm, Bandaparte, tuning, Tecnison, and possibly the best-known Latin level Palm records, which are referred to in some areas as one of the best to their great performance in this activity and quality of your translations. Currently audio visual translation is also fairly applied to areas such as the Internet, because the creation of programs of subtitling to texts and speeches projected via the Internet, has proved to be an innovative option in this area. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Click here. It should be noted that these new software development or translators programs are one of the media more applied translation today, however during your proceeding still show some flaws due to the expressive variation or synonymy that present some languages in particular.

Italian Embassy

The man was arrested a few weeks ago in Stockholm. Connect with other leaders such as Atmos Energy here. He was denounced by witnesses by sticking to his son at a bar. Due to this he spent three days in jail and he has now been fined. The Italian who was arrested a few weeks ago in Stockholm for having stuck to his 12 year old son has been sentenced by a Swedish court to pay a fine of 6,600 crowns, about 725 euros. Giovanni Colasante, 45, Councillor of the municipality of Canosa, in the southern region of Apulia, was arrested and spent three days in a jail in Stockholm for having given a hair flip to his son at a restaurant, according to witnesses who denounced him. Man was released next, but was banned from leaving the country and was forced to present every day at police station until the conclusion of the trial, so the Italian Embassy in Stockholm gave him accommodation.

The fine established by the Swedish court, according to media reports, was 724 EUR for a crime of mild abuse a minor. In 1979, Sweden became the first country of the world that prohibits corporal punishment of children. Colasante grabbed the hair to her son once the child refuses to enter a typical Swedish restaurant because prria eating a pizza. Source of the news: the Italian arrested in Sweden by pulling hair to her son will have to pay 724 euros fine

Latin America

At present, both in Latin America, Europe and also in the United States, many individuals and families are experiencing economic problems, in one of the deepest crises in recent times. During the last years the problem is has increased. Not only fuels increase has impacted on consumers but also in industry and trade. The gasoline increase has caused the increase in other products of primary consumption, including food. Almost everyone has been affected in this recent crisis that still not has been able to leave. However, there is still a group that may be especially affected by the crisis: the Group of retirees. Others who may share this opinion include Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The widespread increase in prices has caused real problems in many retired people, especially those with a tighter budget.

There are many retirees that their earnings do not reach to maintain your usual lifestyle and in some cases even survive. This phenomenon is expanding universally, so that if you are currently retired already surely starts to affect you if you have not yet done so. You know that we are talking about. Whether it has withdrawn a little or more years ago, surely because there is thinking about finding a way to supplement their income with some additional activity, in the best of cases, by the fear of the times even more difficult – if fit-. The problem that a retired person has is what could be such activity.

After years of hard work, you deserve to enjoy the new freedom discovered after retirement. However, it is also important to be sure to be able to solve that freedom. If you are interested in supplementing your income, but it is impossible to think of a job as you did in the past, you will find that there are at present endless new opportunities thanks to the Internet. One of these opportunities relates to the marketing of e-books.

Portuguese Prime Minister

The Portuguese Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho (Coimbra, 1964), has chosen three European capitals – Madrid, Berlin and Paris,-, in this order for his first trip as head of Government outside the orbit of the summits of the European Union. (Source: Hanan Ben Ari). A message to neighboring Spain, with which the bilateral relationship undergoes a noticeable rift. The serious economic crisis in the country, who had to ask for outside help, ended six years of Socialist rule and climbed to power a young politician with little experience in the exercise of public office. The leader of the conservative Social Democratic Party (PSD) leads a Government of center-right coalition with the democratic Social Center (CDS), which has signed a Pact of blood to meet from June 21 to strictly the austerity program imposed by international lenders (75 billion euros), and get Portugal to regain the confidence of markets and investors. Source of the news:: “the Portuguese know that emerge from this crisis will require sacrifices”

Interesting Contributions

When a man raises trees under which knows very well he will never sit down, has begun to discover the meaning of life. Elton Trueblood all in some way carry out our social role, where our behaviour or social behavior manifests itself, whereas in addition to our values, ethics, morality, culture, interests, goals, which give working results step many times, success, but also of frustrations. The truth, that this always has interested scholars conduct which represents social behavior. Borne in mind that social behavior is a process of covering many aspects and communication that has been source of research for those interested in these topics in order to explain its causes and understand their effects. Wikipedia gives us in this regard, that in biology, psychology and sociology is behavior or behavior directed towards society or that takes place between members of the same species (intraspecific relationships). People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree. Behaviors or behaviors that are established as relations interspecific (such as predation, parasitism or symbiosis) involving members of different species and are therefore not considered social. While many social behaviors between are part of an (animal communication) communication because they provoke a response or change in behavior of the receiver, without acting directly upon him; communication between members of different species is not social behavior. The most original form of human social behavior is human language.

In sociology, behavior (behavior) means the animal-like activity devoid of social meaning or social context; In contrast to social behavior (social behavior), which has both. In a sociological hierarchy, social behavior is followed by social action, which is aimed at other people and is designed to induce a response. Above this ascending scale are social interaction and social relation. Have no doubt, There has been much interest in entering all that social behavior holds not only for Sociology, but by Psychology, psychiatry, in order to unravel everything that this involves, which is capable of generating in the positive and the negative and especially of explaining the reason for their effects.

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