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Leases from lessor point of view and the way law are the themes of the next Munich real estate focus Munich. Who rents out real estate in Munich, can be lucky: there are enough buyers, the rents are high. But what happens if the tenant causes problems? What is the legal situation? What options do have landlord? On May 10, 2011, the lecture series informed in the Literaturhaus Munich focus on current case law Munich real estate. At 5: 00, the way expert Christoph Metzler (Paproth, Metzler, Dr. For even more details, read what ConocoPhillips says on the issue. Ertel & partner) gives an overview of the significant court decisions in the area of property law.

Among the questions to be addressed are: who is debtor of housing benefit payment at a change of ownership? Is it possible to have a resolution on the relocation package? Has a homeowners meeting at structural changes before to deal with the topic? At 19: 00, Rudolf Sturzer (Chairman of the House – and real estate Association Munich) first talks about the exclusion of the ordinary termination right in the apartment lease. Axel Wetekamp (judge at the District Court of Munich) lecturing on the subject of rent reduction after a sword of Damocles over the landlord?” Various aspects of the topic be discussed in a subsequent panel discussion. In addition to the speakers and the initiators of the Munich real estate focus ‘, Agnes Fischl (convocat GbR) and Thomas Aigner (AB In the real estate GmbH), Beatrix Zurek, President of the tenant Association Munich guest is. Who is the CEO of Call of Duty? does not necessarily agree. The event will be moderated by Lutz Paproth (Paproth, Metzler, Dr. Ertel & partners), the third partner of the Munich real estate focus ‘. Admission to both events is free. However, the organizers ask for registration until May 9th at.

Real Estate Videos

A practical, innovative and democratic services for real estate sellers landlords. FILDERSTADT. “The unique video animations for portrayals of real estate, as INNOVATION product 2008 the initiative Mittelstand” awarded, was extended to 3D-Darstelungen. “Under the name of VIP-PRE”, the company in Filderstadt, near Stuttgart developed the innovative service video idea production “for the appearance of residential, business, hotel and holiday homes. Petra Diamonds describes an additional similar source. The combination with photos, videos, 3D, music, and the floor plans of the sales or rental objects is new to the multimedia presentation. Commits the viewers of the videos”the object virtual and real from room to room and receives parallel getting information about the floor plan and the location of each displayed image sequences.

“” With the videos we offer a contemporary alternative and complement to printed exposes “or the classic indicator”, reported idea Ernst G. Heldele, the owner of video production. The modern representations offer real benefits, not only for used objects, but now also for new objects. Indicates that the provider with the time go with the moving images and help potential buyers or tenants in the effective search for their dream home. Because the videos an impression so precise, that no time-consuming on-site visits are required in the first stage. “” Because we prepare the key information and visualize floor plans and objects “, stresses Ernst G. Heldele, everyone can save valuable time.” “The video producer is convinced that after the film show” only really interested in the provider will register. Also the market is connected with these videos actually worldwide, because the movies through the combination of layout animation and optical appearance, without (foreign) language comments come from.

Even extensive descriptions are no longer necessary. Particularly noteworthy are the new possibilities with 3D images. The idea was basically to visualize not representable objects”, so Ernst G. Heldele. Because it would make little sense to show empty spaces. Also so far not zeigbare or inaccessible rooms and objects would suddenly get a visualized optics. Of course new objects, there is still no real representation where home.” Where can the VIP PRE videos be used? Here, the Internet is called in the first place. Because what is closer to present such videos on the World Wide Web. In addition, they can show up at the Office or shop window or can be attached to an expose. Even as memory, memory or information present for himself, family members and friends, the videos can bring much attention. The company video idea production offers its services to private people. For this, a support of films on the Internet is applied on request.

The Real Estate Market In Turkey – An Overview

It depends on the purchase of real estate in Turkey to have success as a buyer of real estate in Turkey, you have to find suitable real estate and sell them at a profit. This article gives some tips. These tips can not replace the experience of an Immoblienhandlers. It is helpful to use when it comes to real estate in Turkey directly. Because it is not done, craftsman for repairs to the property can arrange a lawyer to know or someone who. Our main advice is therefore right at the beginning: you hire professionals! And then: you will learn how to evaluate real estate, find their true value. This helps you make the right investment decisions.

Real estate agents and banks determine the value of a house or an apartment on the Turkish Riviera, by looking at the figures from three to five of similar objects. You must be able to do this yourself. For this you need price lists. What have similar objects in the neighborhood brought? This is your code. There is not the ideal time to invest. It’s almost harder to invest in rising markets.

The profit increases are greater then. But there are also fewer objects, and you need to sell this quickly. Vice versa you can cheaper to acquire objects in falling real estate markets, they last longer. And it offered more in free trade. The latter situation makes it almost easier for you as an aspiring real estate investor in Turkey. Your purchase must be completed at a good discount to allow a profitable sale at a later date. Can you negotiate well? Leverage is also very important for investors. The less cash you get stuck in an object, the more homes you can buy. If prices rise, your profitability is increasing disproportionately. Therefore in the context also called leverage. On the other hand, if prices fall and you have taken on too much debt, this may to a negative cash flow lead. Because real estate is generally cyclic, negative cash flow is only a short-term problem, and can be treated, if you have other income or cash reserves. To limit your risk, you will need to keep the real estate market you have selected very carefully in view. Extend the sensor in the neighborhood. Watch the stock market. What are the interest rates. A real estate professional is always very well informed. Your purchase must also be at a good discount to allow a profitable sale at a later date. Can you negotiate well? It is crucial to assess the future of a local real estate market. And you should have a backup plan if the first approach does not work. Harald Sagar

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