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Book concept: its origin and evolution a book has to have a certain number of pages to be considered as such, and has establish an independent unit to distinguish it from the periodicals. In the Romance languages, a group which belongs to the Spanish, there are two terms that designate the concept of book or others associated with him. On the one hand, the root exists biblio-, from the Greek biblos, which originally designated the plant material used in antiquity as support for written literature, and which is used to form compound, such as library or bibliophile words. On the other hand, there is also the word book, which comes from the latin liber, referring also to plant material that is used to make books, and which is well used as isolated term or to form other words, as, for example, library. The word book is applied, by extension, to the rolls used in antiquity, and with it is called also to certain sets of works, such as the Egyptian book of the dead or the internal divisions of a work, so that you can talk about different books of the Bible or books that make up the Aeneid of Virgil.

Books, such as portable and relatively durable objects, have helped to preserve and disseminate the knowledge and the feelings of their authors through vast expanses of space and time, to the point that you can say rightly that the current civilization would not have been possible without its existence. BOOKS written by hand the first books consisted clay plates containing characters or drawings incididos punch. The earliest civilizations that used them were ancient peoples of Mesopotamia, the Sumerians and Babylonians. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as ???? ???? by clicking through. Much closer to current books were rolls of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, composed of long strips of papyrus a material similar to the role that was extracted from the reeds of the delta of the Nile River which is they wound around a wooden stick. The text, which was written with a pen also Reed, in dense columns and on one side, you could read by deploying the roll. The length of the sheets of papyrus was very variable. The longest that is known (40.5 meters) is located in the British Museum in London. Later, during the Hellenistic period, around the 4th century BC, the most extensive books began to be subdivided into several rolls, that were stored together. Read the article in full here original author and source of the article.

Brides Hair Short Short Bride Recigido

Yes it is true that many brides, when you put your wedding date are left grow hair so in his big day you can do a more original, and castable bride hairstyle. However, and although perhaps stylists look less, also take into account the brides with short hair since they also have the right to be able to make a nice hairstyle on your wedding day. We must know, have short hair on the day of your wedding is not no problem, quite the opposite because with the you can look some aspects that you lucirias not so much if you take long hair, such as e.g. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out LEGO Papert Professor. earrings, cleavage and makeup. A short bridal hairstyle also allows you to make your dress look more so choosing a more plunging neckline that will highlight this much more, like for example a wide neckline or a neckline strapless. If you’re a bride with short hair don’t worry if these waiting for hair to grow you and you not growing enough that short hair can also be combed and achieve a more natural look and even romantic. Frank Fu will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You can for example choose to put probes tousled and out that accompanied a tiara will look perfect. You can also combine it with a fringe to the side or straight bangs with any headdress or natural flower, you’ll see how it will give much more life to your hair. If you’re that prefer not to adorn your hairstyle with no headdress, you can combing in a natural way and get some big earrings that highlight your beauty more. Click John H. Wood Jr. to learn more. Source of images: women with success, lifestyleamanda, milpeinados, enfemenino, sweeping. Original author and source of the article.

The World Of The Present

The world of the present Teodulo Lopez Melendez La Union European acts, what is not known is where, perhaps towards the mere survival. A quick glance at the year 2010 shows us summits with China and the whole of Asia, participation in the G-20, NATO conferences, the encounter with Africa, meetings with Russia and Ukraine and their speeches at the meeting on climate change in Cancun. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, what you mean is that Europe has a presence, one within this time features: military force not already measured the influence, making it the economy, in the European case a shambles that has brought us many crises, perhaps having as central axis, in its favor, the preservation of the euro. However something went wrong in Europe and we will surely find reasons in the numerous missteps in its progress towards political unity. The European Union has not failed to move towards a consistency that allows you to properly use its sales network and its still existing power economical. The ultimate in continental integration example seems to be victim of a shortness of breath due to a mediocre ruling class. Its foreign policy is hesitant and its serious problems of aging population prevent you define security policies, immigration and, in general terms, their higher interests.

The European Union, held in November 2010 if we count from the first steps – 61 years of existence. It did, from NATO, by adopting what he called a new strategic concept on security and defence and reiterating the principle of the mutual defence at the time that was aborted in the long-range missiles or energy security and taking a step towards Russia by inviting her to join the antimisilistico shield. If we understand each other well, just at the end of 2010 Europe stops the cold war with Russia and it reassures the former members of the Soviet bloc Reaffirming article 5 of the Washington Treaty, i.e., the attack against an ally is against the entire block.

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