Labour Management

To achieve success in the operation of a company it is necessary to ensure a good organizational climate. Companies that want to achieve a competitiveness that favours him in the permanence and conquest of new markets, must count on a good organizational culture, be its management fully identified with the modern managerial topics, tools that guarantee him through an integration of teams, its human resource, efficient administrative systems which reaches a good working atmosphereorganizational that he favors in his productivity. Ann Davies often says this. There are many domestic firms, especially SMEs which leaves a great deal to say its organizational behavior, where its climate manifests much disharmony, integration, cohesion of teams, unproductive, playing significantly the development operations of the company. In our dual role as business consultant and teacher of postgraduate in administration and management of the quality and productivity, in a region that is entrepreneurial, one of the most significant in the country, we were able to perceiving labor climates in conflicts, dis harmonic reflected in unproductive, unhappy, all this affecting the company.

It shows, that management is not concerned, identifies, with achieving a good organizational, work climate given the absence in many of them for a good, solid organizational culture.A big reason for this, is the absence of modern administration, topical knowledge management, enabling to lead the Organization to achieve a good organizational climate that is conducive to productivity, efficiency and achievements. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Scandinavian Airlines has to say. tell us about the importance of having a good working atmosphere that a company has with a pleasant work environment, with a culture that promotes the feeling of belonging and commitment to the task, is a strong competitive advantage.Times change, and societies and their needs also. As well as the new was knowledge implies that companies are more or less competitive according to the management of intellectual capital, a vital component of this intangible asset is the organizational climate; the fruit of the relationship of the company with its employees in every day, the management of the internal rules, internal communication, training according to needs, the performance fee and benefits and all actions and processes that affect the work environment, among others.Litwin and Stinger experts pose nine dimensions that make up the organizational climate are: structure, responsibility, reward, challenge, relations, cooperation, standards, conflict and identity.. Hear from experts in the field like Alina de Almeida for a more varied view.

Scientific Research

The oil of argn has manifolds properties that have dazzled to the world and in the last years it has increased his popularity thanks to the results that have been seen in the users of this oil and in the scientific researches that endorse the unique benefits of the oil of argn. Whenever a product of the nature promises something new, they study it carefully to the scientists to know in what it can benefit the human being, of this form have been investigated, patented and formulated thousands of medecines, vaccines, antidotes, anti alergnicos and cosmetics, as for example the real jelly, the olive oil, the oil of jojoba or the one of castor bean that not only has medical and cosmetic uses, but also in the industry like in aviation. Therefore the oil of argn is not the exception, are scientific publications that show the results of the studies of the concentrations of each component of the oil of argn, others publish the results of the effectiveness in the prevention of some types of cancer, among others so many investigations that have been realised and that follow and will continue being realised to manage to operate to the maximum the benefits of the oil of argn, between their common uses are according to the type of oil of argn that is used, cooking cosmetic or. The cosmetic oil of argn is used mainly as anti wrinkles, nevertheless it has majors benefits as much in the skin as in the hair as it is had lately been discovering, because it has seen that the hair dealt with oil about argn has major manageability, brightness, smoothness and health. Also from millenarian times they have used bereberes it to effectively deal with some diseases the skin like psoriasis and eccema and speaking of health some studies they have found that the oil of argn has escotenol and espinasterol which are composed that has been in very few vegetables among them some Mexican cactus, these compounds are outstanding by their results like anti tumorlike and fighting the diabetes. Other acid compounds that have demonstrated their effectiveness as antioxidants are fitoesteroles and greasy insaturados, which compose this oil most of doing it an excellent retarder of the aging, besides reaffirming the skin and vanishing wrinkles, another compound that are been under study are lupeol, which aside from fomenting the queratina production is excellent healing thus an oil of argn is excellent to cure minor wounds and by his inflammatory antiseptics and he is excellent to avoid and to fight some dermatitises, and ingested has demonstrated that it helps to lower to the cholesterol and high triglycerides among others many benefits that the oil of argn has. During many years but they will be continued studying the oil properties so huge, and surely the results will surprise much to us, nevertheless at this moment we can take advantage of the knowledge that already have been obtained from the oil and to use it to obtain all the benefits shortages and those that still lack to discover. You want to discover more of the benefits than it offers the oil to you of argn? Continuous reading my articles and it discovers the wonders that the oil of they argue can do by you..

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