Universal Intelligence

We are children of the Celestial Father and have on us its Divine Mercy that supports in them. Chance of corrigenda, we have all second, therefore an error committed now can be fixed daqui to other as. The Human being learns with the Social Mathematics. God placed in all its Universal Intelligence that only becomes enlarged each time more. If she does not hide of its Divine Face, therefore it will remain with you in any place. Opposite! New face and had said to mounts and the rochedos: I fell on us, escondeiz us of the Face of that if it seats in the throne and of the anger of the Lamb of God. Apocalypse of Jesus according to Joo, CAP.

6:16. The fast sky if rolled to be able had fallen, Them for land, the time of the man passed, its power if esfacela. The sun if hid, the moon did not give the faces, the world to estelar if it became gloomy, Nothing was to the clear ones. As figueira that if it shakes, For a very strong wind, Everything in the space if is silent, the dumb world of transport. As green figs without force, the young does not have vigor, the old one if it strengthens, to support pain.

The dumb world its face, Islands mounts if move, the sky use a disguise, the powerful ones if they twist. They abandon its houses, If they move away from the pompous table, All power passes, In front of the forces of the Nature. They look then to the caves and cliffs of mounts, Ashamed of mazelas, Written in its frontes. Who can be suster, Ahead of such shock, and the man goes to hide itself, Of its Divine Face?

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