Medical Electronics

Students of this specialty are a deep knowledge of computers and microprocessors and senior years specializing in the development and operation of medical equipment. The most important area of work department – training in medical electronics, professionals in the design, development and maintenance of instruments for diagnosis and treatment. The need for the health sector in such specialists has arisen in connection with the use of modern diagnostic process electronic computerized systems – it's microprocessor EEG recording the electrical activity brain rheograph, allowing to identify vascular pathology, computer tomography, ultrasound machines for (U.S.), a wide class of physical therapy devices for electrotherapy, high-frequency, microwave and laser therapy. Graduates of the department are in steady demand in the labor markets of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the USA working in Australia, Canada, Israel and China. They can be found in the state and private companies engaged in the design, manufacture and operation of electronic devices and systems for high technology, including microprocessor technology, personal computers, medical diagnostic systems. They work in industry and academic institutes, universities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, law enforcement agencies, the tax administration. Among our graduates are more than two candidates and doctors, many of whom work in SevNTU.

At one of the leading companies in electronic engineering in Ukraine "Tavrida Electric", which develops and manufactures high-voltage switchgear, in its various units, today employs about 50 professionals, graduates of the department. In the opinion of management, the current graduates of professionally trained in modern microprocessor technology, analog and digital circuitry, programming skills, the reliability of microelectronic devices, and the profile of their training fully meets the needs and requirements of advanced manufacturing. Microelectronics, nanoelectronics, biomedical electronics – is advanced and promising directions in science and technology. Specialty department of electronic engineering – is prestige and a real prospect, they will help to realize your talents and intellectual abilities. Source: Department of CRT.

Tax Code

In order that the documents transmitted in electronic form, have acquired legal significance, they should be signed with digital signature (EDS) head of the organization or other authorized person. Procedure for issuing and receiving invoices electronically via telecommunication channels with using digital signature will be installed on the Russian Finance Ministry, and formats-FTS of Russia. At the time of the signing of a number of printing such documents were not approved in the prescribed manner. Also, there is no clarity as to how would be exchanged – either directly or through spetsoperatorov. Professor of Internet Governance has much experience in this field. In the economic programs of the company “1C” is planned to implement the electronic exchange of invoices for approval as the regulatory framework.

Additional powers of the Government further clarified that the form of invoices and order of filling forms and procedures for logging of accounting for and invoices, purchases of books and book sales be entitled to impose the Russian government. This provision is aimed at eliminating the contradictions between the requirements laid down of the Tax Code and the requirements specified in the Decree of the RF Government 914 ot02.12.2000. Recall that number of requirements stipulated in the Decree 914 of the Tax Code was absent (for example, to require a PPC). Indication in the invoice currency name According to the amendments to the paragraphs 5 and 5.1 of Article 169 of the Tax Code, invoice complemented by a new prop – “the currency.” As stated above, the shape of the invoice procedure for its completion must be approved by the Government (paragraph 8 of Art. 169 Tax Code, as amended). This form will be required to produce invoices on paper or in electronic form.

However, in paragraph 4 of Article 10 of Law number 229FZ said that before the adoption of the Russian government documents provided by Article 8, paragraph 169NK Russian Federation, drawing and exhibiting invoicing, logging, accounting and received invoices, purchase of books and book sales are made to meet the requirements established before the coming into force of new regulations. This means that after 2 September to approval of a new form should be used the old forms of the invoice. In this case, note that the economic programs of the company “1C” the currency is displayed in the header of the invoice. * For a complete list of changes published in issue 9 (September) “BUH.

Toshiba Flash

Itself-in flash memory was first introduced by Toshiba in 1984. However, the sharp rise of interest in this memory occurred only after the appearance in the 90 years of digital cameras. They originally came to be used in flash memory. Soon flash drives have been actively used for storing and transferring data and other devices – from mobile phones and players to notebooks and PCs. These external hard drives began to replace disks as a means of information transfer and storage. USB flash drives or flash drives, especially different maximum convenience in operation, compact size and high mobility. They do not require any additional equipment and do not even need to install on your computer drivers. On flash memory such devices are saved all the necessary information and to exchange data, the user simply inserts the thumb drive directly into the USB-connector of your PC or laptop.

USB-sticks are perfect for a quick transfer data files from one computer to another. Recording speed of these external hard drives is now up to 30 MB / sec. Modern USB flash drives are also distinguished by efficiency, quiet operation in work, resistance to external shocks, low weight and a variety of looks. Initially, these devices have limited capacity, which is somewhat limits the scope of their application. But today you can find flash drives capacity of 64 gigabytes. The only bad drawback USB flash drives – this is a limited number of cycles of erasing and writing, which affects their durability and reliability.

MIR (TV Series)

MIR (TV series) For other uses, see Mir. MIR (Medico Interno Residente) is a television series produced by Telecinco Videomedia to premiere January 10, 2007. The series takes over from another of the same chain as well as medical issue, Hospital Central. Even an actor of the latter Llu s Marco, moved to Mir in the same role of Dr. Antonio D vila. The 2nd season of the series premiered on Friday 4 January 2008, with a large audience, and Telecinco decided to temporarily cancel. In April the same year, the chain announced again, the return of the second season that never aired. Finally, on 17 July, it was reissued the first chapter of the second season after the end of Los Serrano. The second chapter of the second season (unpublished until now) was issued on July 24.Following the delivery seven chapters of the second season, with a below-average audience of chain (15 share), the series was removed from display, and the remaining chapters were released through In March 2009, Telecinco decided to resume the broadcast of all episodes from both seasons through the digital channel FDF, Fridays at 22:00 am, with dual delivery, including the last of the second season, until then unknown in television. No news on a possible renewal for a third season. .

Oneway Ticket

From acute food poisoning in 2009 affected more than 140 thousand Russians. This data Rospotrebnadzor. Digital terrible. But many experts believe that official statistics are even smooths out the real picture It's not everyone who poisoned, will go to the doctor when you can get by washing the stomach … but the fact is that substandard products hit the store shelves and in the most prosperous countries. However, overseas learned not only identify low-quality goods, but quickly withdraw it from commercial setey.Posypte head ashes usually withdrawal of defective product from the market at the initiative of his own producer. Sprinkle ashes on his head – this is not just a way to save face. Voluntary recall allows the manufacturer to avoid serious fines and no less important benefits to lawsuits from customers.

It is noteworthy that isolated cases of food recall Russian market has also initiated a Western producers. In particular, in May this year, Nestle announced that the threat of the content of glass in her coffee. Alas, our producers to take up the topic reviews are in no hurry. And it is not that they do not care about their reputation. Even if they want to return the product to market – they do it will likely fail, anyway, quickly and completely.

As it happens in Europe or the USA? There exists mandatory for all manufacturers of food processing quality control and food safety – HACCP. In the barcode of the product produced by HACCP, encoded batch number, date and time of its creation, as well as Detailed information about the ingredients (when and who put them in the company who made) and even the specific people involved in production. These data allow us not only to fully withdraw from the market specific batch of low-quality product, but also to identify the causes that led to the emergence of braka.HASSPa you do not have to! "To recall procedure has become simpler, faster, and have had a greater effect – said Boris Gutnik, deputy director of the Research Institute of Meat industry – we just need to learn from European experiences and implement a traceability system in Russia. " While such a system operates only on individual companies – we have implemented HACCP on a voluntary basis. Of thousands of meat-processing plants at the Institute for the meat industry just over 10 certified for this in the full sense of the term innovation system. According to Vitaly Deledivka, Managing Director slaughterhouse "Outskirts", which already operates 2 years HACCP, they are ready for reviews. "Unfortunately, I'm not sure that our consumer is willing to accept feedback as they are perceived in the West – added Mr. Deledivka. – There is a rate accountability and transparency of the manufacturer. We also review may be interpreted as a recognition of the manufacturer's own insolvency. I would really like to think I'm wrong. " But something like the reviews in Russia is still there. "The finished product there is a return, but not in quality, and on shelf life", – says Andrey Bykanov, chairman of the Guild of the consumer market and services of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. The seller gets rid of expired goods in order to get from the manufacturer of its value. And this review is done purely in the interests of the seller. When will be the opposite?

LCD Camera

Replaced by a digital camera Canon PowerShot S3 IS, which has become one of the most popular cameras from the date of its release, Canon has announced a new compact model Canon PowerShot S5 IS. Previous model meets the requirements of even the most experienced photographers, it is expected that the novelty will surpass it if possible. 8.0-megapixel digital compact camera with 12 x optical zoom uses the image processor Canon DIGIC III advanced Noise Reduction technology. The chamber presented a number of definitions of new features that improve image quality, there are 22 shooting modes, the management can range from automatic to full manual. PowerShot S5 IS equipped with professional optics, optical image stabilizer, and especially will enjoy the advanced features video recording with stereo sound.

It is impossible not to note the presence of facial recognition features, the essence of which lies in the fact that when the mode identification can be made up to ten faces in a frame and automatically focus on them, which allows to receive the group portraits of high quality. Addition to this feature is the presence of features eliminate red-eye. " Justified expectations of users, LCD display has increased from 2,0 to 2,5 inches, and the screen resolution has increased to 207,000 pixels. Ease of shooting raises due to the variable angle of inclination (the screen can be rotated in any direction), it allows for shooting even in the uncomfortable position: holding the camera high above your head or close to the ground. Will not go unnoticed and the fact that the camera is Canon PowerShot S5 IS is compatible with a wide angle converter (also tele-or media converter) for macro and flash Canon Speedlite series EX.


Gel orthoses for the foot are made of hard polymer gel – a substance that has over Silicon some additional properties. Elasticity and softness of the gel elasticity above silicone. The content of mineral oils in the gel structure as compared with silicon as improved (there are kinds of gel containing composed of up to 35% oil). Medical and orteziruyuschee effect in the gel product is slightly lower than that of silicon, but wearing comfort and softness of orthoses make them preferable when the problems start with a very sensitive skin clients. Mineral oils that make up the silicone and gel products, inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, which makes possible their use in various infectious diseases of the foot.

It is believed that the more pronounced the problem of the foot and the anterior part of the more stringent product should be used for orthopedic correction state. Therefore, for minor violations of the state of the foot is better use gel product, when expressed changes in complicated cases and more useful to apply the silicone serial orthoses. The use of silicone gel and orthoses is also related to the shape and patterns familiar to you shoe. When preference narrow dress shoes, shoes with high heels is better to buy and use gel products, in case of wearing a wide, winter, sports shoes, low heel shoes emphasis should be on products from silicone. The use of ear-pelota.

In-pelota intended for use in case of problems forefoot and toes. Interdigital partitions are available as round and flat liner. They have to interdigital space: round – between the first and second fingers, flat – between the other fingers of the foot. Round interdigital septum used in the rejection of the thumb outward ("stone" or "bump" in base of the thumb) to prevent further development of deformation at the crossing first and second fingers, with callus and in the interdigital intertrigo space.

Upgrading EAS Equipment

Today the company is the largest company ANTIvor working in the market to prevent the goods from theft, as well as the most experienced and professional company working in the field of RFID. The scale of the company allows We provide the best environment for our customers and guarantee the highest quality equipment and services. Recently, more and more on the Russian and Ukrainian markets EAS equipment we confronted with the advertising promises of some vendors of systems of protection against theft, claiming to customers that if they choose a system of "third generation" in the future they will have the opportunity to upgrade their systems to RFID. Unfortunately, in practice, this promise is only an advertising fiction, and can not be translated into life in the modern world. Below we have tried to give the most objective explanation of why the EAS on the basis of systems of any "generation" can not build a working RFID system without very high costs. RFID and EAS (anti-theft system) are different technologies!! The system of RFID (radio frequency identification) and anti-theft RFID systems belong to a class of radio-frequency systems, but very different in the work.

Thus the principle of the antitheft system, and at the same time its main purpose – to inform about the fact of the removal outstanding product, ie simply "work" on the security sensor on the product. In RFID systems, the key word – the identification, it is the task of RFID systems on order is more complex and is necessary reading digital code programmed into the chip which is embedded in the label. RFID systems can be divided into two main types – HF, 13,56 MHz – old technology – UHF, 865-890 MHz, the world standard for retail Different tasks, putting in front of the systems that causes significant differences in equipment design.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanner is a device that in many respects similar to the standard scanners. Atmos Energy wanted to know more. The difference is only normal that on a personal computer in the future poyavletsya a digital image, and bar code in the form of a request is sent immediately to the database where the ID is determined by introducing his product to sell. Link cash registers or sales terminal systems with scanners allow you to create codes very fast system sales, which may include not only clothes, but even products. Laser scanners shtrishok codes base using laser scanners as a low-power laser light spring. These scanners heterogeneous according to features and volumes, have all chances to read shtrishok code for every roll of labels.

However, laser scanners read the code wrong with glossy, shiny or laminated surfaces, often leaving the system in eventually fall. Hear from experts in the field like Atmos Energy for a more varied view. These scanners have a good chance to act on the stand and manual. If the flow of customers in the shop thrifty, we assume an average of 1-4 persons composed sequence and the number of purchases from any small, rather use a laser scanner shtrishok codes. These scanners are comfortable in, though are installed on the stand allows you to act like koiya in automatic mode (summing up the product code shtrishok to the laser), and that way in the manual – As soon as the cashier removes the scanner and brings it to shtrishok code – for example, if a heavy product. With this distancing from the object being scanned can be much more than that of the LED. In true time We recommend three models of laser hand-held scanners. We examine every individual according to schedule.

Shtrishok scanner codes Laser Symbol LS1203 – This scanner comes in the absence of the stand out because of that according to convenience application is identical with LED Argox (see more). Consistent with the terms of its ability to more spacious – the scanner has the ability to operate in dimly lit rooms, read shtrishok codes with irregular surfaces, and the spectrum for the "seizure" shtrishok code according to the most successful compare with light diode (15-20cm). Because due to this, if provided by the model has no stand, the scanner does not have an opportunity operate in a mode of a self scan. shtrishok scanner codes for trade Zebex 3051 – This scanner has a stand, and has the ability to act in a self scanning mode – as soon as scanning flaming beam is continuous, and therefore, the scanner continuously placed in standby mode to read. Merchant can only give the product before the beam, not squashing any time press the scan. About that, if the scan left, a voice informs the mark. Laser barcode scanner for the shopping center Symbol LS2208 – also has the ability to operate in the mode of a self scanning beam only when this does not continuously flames – thanks photocells integrated scanner "thinks" as if it is brought to the product and the beam lights up automatically. In the absence of supports this scanner operates in the "arms". Owns a bigger range of scan (Scans from the near distance, and by 45 cm). Reads a helluva lot of spoiled or "strong" shtrishok codes, does not tender to light. And, finally, this scanner is the most presentable.

New Line

Introduced in 2009 to the work of only one new market, in 2010, "New Line" began with the successful expansion of its network in the Crimea, opening in late February, its Shop in the city of Sevastopol. Actually, in the Crimea, where in addition to the Sevastopol Market is up and store in Simferopol "New Line" keeps the leading position – its main competitor "to the epicenter of the" still can not open on the peninsula. In late March, the new store "New Line" started in Bucha, Kyiv region. In September started a second store, "New Line" in Odessa. The plans for the 2011 opening of new stores in Kiev, Donetsk and Theodosia.

Oldie The main event was the opening in Dnipropetrovsk in the mall Caravan new building supermarket Aldi. Sam Mall Caravan previously developed their own building supermarkets, Caravan building, has closed all previously opened stores. Praktiker has opened in Kiev in mid-March. For more information see Vida Vacations. Despite a rather spectacular opening, accompanied by a large influx of the buyer, the further work identified a number of shortcomings German store. Insufficiently large area of the store did not allow to provide range, comparable to major competitors. In addition, prices at the supermarket Praktiker still were slightly higher compared to domestic networks. Perspectives of the development in Ukraine are still unclear, some time ago, the German operator's manual is considering retiring from Ukraine.

Despite the fact that this information was subsequently denied, German operator continues to experience difficulties with a decrease in sales, and information about a possible withdrawal from the troubled markets continues to sound. So recently, the site was reported Praktiker possible departure from the market in Turkey. Leroy Merlin is one of the most significant events on the DIY-retail – comes to Ukraine French retailer Leroy Merlin. The opening of the store area of 15 thousand m2, on November 18, Obolon and caused an increased interest as part of buyers, and from the "epicenter" – on unverified information leading domestic DIY-operator started the real war in the French network by placing its suppliers conditions of termination of work with Leroy Merlin. It is also a confrontation between two networks has resulted in pricing and advertising war between two operators. Given the likely opening in 2011, another store Leroy Merlin in Kiev, their competition with the epicenter can be one of the main Trends 2011 to diy market in Ukraine.

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