Elizabeth Maria

In this Dowbor direction (1994, P. 122) it adds that, (…) front parallel existncia of this delay and the modernization, is that we have that to work ‘ two tempos’ , making optimum possible in the delayed universe which constituted our Education, but creating quickly conditions for one utilizao’ nossa’ of the new potentials that appear. Therefore, the technology starts to adentrar the educational spaces, pertaining to school naformao of supervisors and overseers, in the contextualizada action nasexperincias, practical knowledge and. these, in turn, have aoportunidade to insert the technology in practical its, resell and reelaborando it, placing this practical as focus of the proper formation. The supervisors einspetores are formadores and partners of the educators, with which compartilhamprticas and reflections. In this boarding formaoque is about one if it develops natransversalidade of the resume; he interrelates formation-action, action-reflection, reality-content, man-machine, art-technology, theory-practical.

As the Prado (1993, p.99) (…) the learning of a new referencialeducacional involves mentality change (…). Change of values, conceptions, ideas and, consequently, of attitudes is not one mechanical act. Umprocesso is reflective, depurative, of reconstruction, that implies in transformation, and to transform means to know. Concluding, the technology cannot be ignored by the education and, muitomenos for that in the educative space they have the function of assisting to think to erepensar the pedagogical changes making possible that the school is not espaodesconectado of the sociocultural reality of the present time. The supervisor and pertaining to school oinspetor need to recognize the technology as to assist in the processoeducativo and, mainly, the process of continuous formation of the eeducandos educators, in way that is possible, in the educative space, to use to advantage odesenvolvimento for the construction and rework to know necessary to the aoeducativa. REFERENCES: ALMEIDA, Elizabeth Maria. Computer science and Formation of Professores.Braslia/DF: Parma publishing company, year 2000 (vol.2).

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