In the new version 6.1, the communities in sites are renamed. Portal pages are also called site for organizations. It is however no longer necessarily required to create a site for an organization. In addition, the sites directly with the site templates can be linked. Changes in the templates directly affect the pages. The editor must change not always between the control panel and website. Liferay marketplace – the new app store own portlets can be published in the Liferay community.

The software catalog portlet makes it possible. While the new Liferay marketplace brings users closer range of extensions. Plug-ins can be purchased via mouse click analog to usual app stores and installed. Just developers of this Liferay extensions have to market themselves a platform via the marketplace better. Only developers it was dynamic data lists so far reserved to user-defined data structures with appropriate care masks implement. Only with the Web form portlet, the portal administrator had the opportunity to place a form without programming in the portal.

Access of the data only by exporting. In the new version, you can create variable own data lists. Entered as data as a sorting enabled list or as an Excel-like view available. A representative tool that can evolve in the direction of application. Possible applications: registrations for events, surveys about products or leave request for employees etc. 6.1 upgrade worth a Liferay? To use multiple output channels, then the transition to the new Liferay version worth 6.1. Just the new mobile support is good. The development and maintenance is much easier with the new release. The many improvements in the operation and management of the sites give portal operators to think enough cause of the upgrade. A detailed examination of the benefits of Liferay 6.1 on the website of Agon solutions.

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