Fitting Studio

Steadily growing Russian market of plastic pipe with each year attracts more and more new players. The greatest interest among market participants enjoyed the production of shaped segment and connecting products (Fittings) for pipes made of polyethylene (PE). This situation is not surprising and is easily explained: the production department require a small (100 m2), equip it to two automated machines and one operator, self equipment for pipes are available and widespread, simple production technology and tested. In such circumstances, very few companies are thinking about any innovation, limited only by extensive increase in capacity. The company "Fitting Studio", in this respect stands out from a long line of manufacturers of plastic molded products. Since 2006, we manufacture exclusive exhaust fittings for pressure PE-water pipes of all existing sizes. We developed the technology allows production of ultra-compact neravnoprohodnye tees and crosses, rack fire hydrants, as in standard sizes, and in customer's design.

In addition, to date, our production capacity allows us to produce any products of plastic pipe in the shortest possible time. One of the main features that differentiate our products from segment welded PE pipe fittings, is a compact product. This factor, in addition to significant savings in raw materials, involves a number of less obvious but no less important benefits. First, the product of LLC "Fitting Studio", which has less mass and volume are cheaper to transport. Second, an exhaust fitting production company "Fitting Studio" can replace several products segment, as it made directly vvarivaniem one tube to another (Fig. 1). Third, the products of our production significantly save storage capacity water supply wells, in which they are located.

Often, only our products can be placed in the well, not only does not extend very well, but not even touching the entrance to it. The next important factor, which fundamentally distinguishes the products of LLC "Fitting Studio" is its high reliability. It is achieved due to the smaller number of compounds in the manufacture of molded products. For example, such a complex product as a stand under the fire hydrant (see Figure 2) is made by us without any transitions with polyethylene metal. This product is less prone to corrosion is obtained, than any similar, represented currently in the market. Note that the seat of fire stands performed in strict compliance standard Russian fire hydrants. Next, note the following feature extractor fitting technology: to make reducing tee, cross or raznoprohodnoy (sm.ris.3) does not use transitions from one diameter to another (which is especially important when a large difference of diameters, for example 710 and 200 mm). This not only helps to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance products, but also at times to increase stability fitting to the vertical and horizontal accelerations, possible in the course of its operation, and each product is released from dependence on rare or nonexistent at all fittings.

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