Harry Andrews

By Luigi As I said before, our mind has been for thousands of years with the "software" of death. We have repeated time and again that living things are born, grow, reproduce and die …. However I insist that everything is one. Our great mind can believe and make anything happen. Yes, anything. You may find that Xcel Energy can contribute to your knowledge. Thousands of things that once seemed "impossible" are now a daily occurrence (as for example the Internet that are using to read this post). But now we're in Olympic season, I would give an example that is very ADOC with the Olympics.

In 1903 he set a new record in athletics: 4 minutes, 12.75 seconds in the mile run. British team coach, Harry Andrews launched this prophecy: "the record for the mile in 4 minutes, 12.75 seconds, will never be surpassed." The "experts" felt that running the mile in under four minutes was humanly "impossible." Physicians (science) agreed with this statement, it was impossible to overcome that feat. The human body would support such an effort and heart, literally explode. All these claims were in the minds of athletes and great runners who for more than 50 years attempted to "take risks" and break that record. Some were close, but no one could run the mile in under four minutes more than five decades. In the early 50's, a young British announced that he would run the mile in under 4 minutes. The press (and science) attacked him saying he was crazy to try such a feat was sheer madness "impossible" to perform.

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