Important Commands For The Linux Console

klickibunti was yesterday Linux learn beginner today! The console is an important tool in Linux. Through the input of commands in a Terminal, you can work many times faster than the conventional method of the mouse and folder structures. In addition, you can do many tasks only via the console and for this reason one should be familiar with the shell commands. We have gathered as well as all commands for console required usually in everyday use. The best thing is you just try out the commands and you will quickly understand the meaning. So you must enter not all awkward, the TAB key is one of the most important keys under Linux. Entering the first character and press the tab key, so the rest will be completed automatically. That goes with both file -, directory – and program name.

The tab key is also useful if you like to test if a program on your system is installed. To start a program, it is enough to enter the name of the program in the console. can that be Program start, it is installed. A message “command not found”, the software on the computer is installed.

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