Kawasaki Robotics

B + B Engineering & service GmbH & co. KG Neuss, June 2010 – compared to the garish neon lighting the candle lights up a room only partially, but it conveys warmth and often creates a festive and romantic setting. One more reason why candles are commonly used in the catering industry. Here they used to festivals or celebrations, to create a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Because the market requires enormous quantities, candles are now produced in fully automated production lines.

With over 25 employees, plans, designs, and produces Brademann + Barber GmbH & co. KG from Erkelenz since 1995 special – and special machines. The B & B are engineering & service GmbH & co. KG developed fully automated candle machines with a volume of up to 9,500 candles per hour and put into operation. This amounts to efficiently package and assemble, engineering & service GmbH & co. KG has developed B + B a fully automatic packaging line for household and taper candles, in the Kawasaki robots FS010E plays an important role. Upon completion of the Candle making are poured for the gastronomy from 100% stearin, the products leave the facility automatically on a conveyor and transferred to the robot Sortimentierstation. In parallel, a conveyor belt brings the different packaging to the packing station.

This band is clocked according to the speed of packaging required for filling. Arrived at the Sortimentierstation, takes a Kawasaki robot of type FS10E, equipped with a 17 fold gripper, on the amount of the candle and place it in a tray. After that the filled packaging a shrink film plant fed, closed and following delivery of ready pallets. A special quality feature of this system is the gripping tool to accommodate maximum of 17 candles. The formation of different layers, each of the 17 vacuum gripper can be separately controlled and programmed. The standard take control of each suction pad 32 inputs and outputs, which are a standard part of the robot controller. Contrary to usual trends,. is an additional input / output card thus not required. Different packing patterns are quickly and easily programmed. Currently 11 variants are used. “So for example a record every second candle is possible to taper candles packaging a stock pattern head foot” to enable. The robot handles 24 bars in its highest output level at the minute.

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