Vacuum Cleaner Robot Samsung Silencio

Vacuum cleaner robot Samsung Silencio SR8895 the latest model from Samsung is the Navibot Silencio SR8895. The vacuum cleaner robot cleans the surface of 80 m in very soft-footed he navigates easily between the individual living spaces and through the integrated sensors, he correctly detects obstacles and gives way to this skillfully made. The whispering quietly moving Saubsauger robot Silencio focused shots of striking points and the ceiling through the integrated camera, created as 30 times per second, and this makes a room card to do his work more systematically and more efficiently. With numerous sensors and cleaning modes, the vacuum cleaner robot Samsung is one of the top units on the market. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with numerous additional features compared to its predecessor Samsung Navibot SR8855 Navibot Silencio SR8895 robot. for example a time programming and control via remote control or via sensor buttons. The Samsung Navibot Silencio SR8895 vacuum cleaner robot impresses not only with its whispering, but soft-footed also through its stylish black design and his thorough and quick cleaning. You can test the vacuum cleaner robot at myRobotcenter free of charge for 7 days..

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