Laser Cutting

Scope of the laser is constantly expanding. Not even surprising that a laser can do complex operations on the human body, and can create intricate products of thick metal (laser cutting of metal.) Laser He is everywhere in film production and may soon be a laser and for household use. With regard to industry and technology, there are more or less clear, or rather did not understand – too high-tech. To do laser action is clearer and closer to the people decided to make active use of laser cutting in a variety of science-fiction films. Although the film industry to trust in this sense is not too worth it. In the movies, laser beams are operating as swords.

In fact, absolutely invisible laser beam in vacuum and air. It becomes visible only against the background of any particles, as well as a beam of light is seen in a dusty room or fog. An exception is the laser beam is very high power. The movement of the beam can not be traced – to carry out his eyes. Again, it is distributed in the films as something very slowly. In fact, the laser beam moves at the speed of light and we see at once, if not see the whole its length. Laser cutting in the film – it is generally customary occupation for a superhero. And cut all that occurs on the road.

True, are obtained, again, not very realistic. The cracker is usually a tool, so to speak, with his bare hands, eyes and the line, for some reason not in need of protection. It is not possible, because even the power of the reflected beam is enough to damage unprotected eyes cracker. In fact, even though low-power lasers (several milliwatts) can be dangerous to view, up to a complete loss. Also laser cutting of movie more than selective. By cutting like butter thick metal door, the beam leaves intact what is behind it. In short, story – a lie, but there is a hint …

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