Web Conferecing

Development of Blogs within the support material for the sales process, may include presence on the Internet through Web sites, portals or Blogs. The development of Web sites and portals is more a function of the company in the areas of marketing and communications. The field of blogs if you can be more in the hands of sales. Blogs are being used with great success in the business world to strengthen relationships with customers. This makes this type of interactive communication tool serves as much to maintain commercial ties with prospects and clients. Definition: Blogs are websites used to communicate ideas and concepts from one or several authors, whose articles can be commented on by the public in general (when blogs are public, can also be created as private sites or restricted access) objective: support the communication process and generate community around a company, service, product or concept. Resources: There are several platforms to develop Blogs.

My recommendation is to use platforms in the form of software as a service (i.e. Tools via the Internet). I recommend two: Blogger, is a free tool and is available in Spanish. For my personal taste, it is somewhat limited, but is free and it can be a first step in learning to create and maintaining a blog. TypePad, is the tool that I use to write some blogs. It seems to me to be an excellent tool that does not require technical knowledge to create and maintain a blog appropriately for trade purposes. .

It is not free. Virtual conferences (Web Conferecing) definition: the use of the Internet allows power conferences or trade shows via the Web, without having to go to the place the prospect or customer. An excellent productivity, especially in the phases of exploration in the sales process can be achieved through the use of such tools. No doubt for many cases of sales of high involvement, must be direct and face-to-face contact with the prospect or customer.

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