It knows to identify what it needs each one mainly and what each one has to offer in order to mark the objectives and if to reach the goal. They leave to use me a great example of team to fix this concept. Amongst the disciples of Jesus, many of them had been used in the great majority in areas and functions that were not accustomed to exert. This for showing to it that they had not been invited by being the best ones in what they made, but yes so that they discovered as to be you lead in areas ties then unknown for they themselves. This and to know to extract of optimum optimum. For example, Mateus was tax collector, but it was Judas that took care of of the finances. Peter was an excellent fisherman, however he did not participate directly of the leader is differently superior to the too much members of the team. as, the fellow creature to the first one is of that.

Both equally are missed. For this reason it must be prevented so that the competition for the position if does not become an egoistic dispute of interests. First, the difference between that occupies the leadership position and the too much members of the team are the fact of it to be in the leadership position. In all the other directions it must be considered similar to excessively. He differentiates what it is the fact to be, in the occasion, more prepared to assume such responsibility. This was the strategy used with great result for the commission technique that folloied the world-wide champions of soccer in the year of 2002. Who folloied of close the career it technician pointed the formula ‘ ‘ mgica’ ‘ with the group: ‘ ‘ the secret was to treat the reserves in the same way that the bearers.

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