Modernity reflects how much the man obtained to advance in the science and the use of the techniques to transform the elements of the nature, becoming them consumption good, however, this condition results in bigger levels of pollution, destruction of the land, comprometimento of the ozone layer, loss of the quality of the water, of the oxygen, indispensable the sustentation of the life. The ecological crisis argued by Leonardo Boff (2004), comes to show how much the man does not obtain to coexist the nature equilibradamente, from the logic of the accumulation, and on behalf of the progress, of the consumption, fetiche that the merchandises present to become them more attractive the consumption, he brings consequncias to the nature, therefore to a large extent, its resources are explored to produce new goods. While the global society to leave of the logic of that ‘ ‘ the engine of the productive process is lucro’ ‘ (Boff, 2004, P. 98), the annihilating actions of the life will be evidentes in the destined actions the accumulation of good in the way of capitalist production, submitting as the plain one, the respect the life, to the man, and the nature. The man vision while center of the necessary universe to be reviewed, so that if it can construct to alternative proposals of respect the diversity, therefore, the condition human being is heterogeneous, that is, it is possible to live and to coexist the different ones to know and practical that historically men and women had been produced by.

The logic of the capital, characterized for the rationality of the time and transformation of the space, everything on behalf of the profit, of the accumulation, must be argued, aiming at to surpass the way of living hegemonic, sobrando time it human being to think, to reflect, to dream. This reality, in the sample how much the man resembles it a machine, that does not stop to work, puts into motion itself in an amazing speed, therefore the time started to be the great social daily villain of and the human one. If it cannot lose time, it is currency, and each as of the life human being it must have judgments of values capable to bring wealth, good, etc. the exploration of the force of work of the man is each more constant time in the scene after-modern, and the life is changedded into mere function, capable to be decimated on behalf of the profit, of the ostentation of the power of minority groups that exert the control on the natural goods. For Boff (2004, p.106), the power if restores as the instance from which everything is organized. This strategy of domination evokes the impulses of everything to command, everything to control, everything to force, everything to fit and of everything to submit. The consequences of the concentration of the power at the hands of a minority that defends the logic of the life from the accumulation idea, comes contributing for the destruction of the nature, using the most sophisticated technologies, and science, the knowledge, controlled for the capital, comes speeding up the process of death of the life and its cycles.

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