People Technology

They must resolve situations and do not generate problems that did not exist. The technology intends to improve or optimize our real-world control, so that it responds quickly and predictably to the will or the whim of the society, albeit not always to their benefit. The technology is also the province of industry and trading company; nothing it for if its products fail to respond to the needs of consumers. Traditionally technology has progressed by the empirical method of scoring. The technology has been at the forefront in many fields which subsequently acquired a solid scientific basis.

It is said that the effects the technology constitute an impact. Technology spill its effects on the social practices of mankind, as well as the new qualities of human knowledge on society. Since the early days of agriculture or from the end of the iron age, human culture has had a technology, i.e., the ability to modify nature in one degree or another. It is considered that technology provides valuable benefits in the short term, but long term they have created serious social problems. Some authors consider that the problems generated by the technology are indirectly caused by science, since if we had not advanced scientific knowledge, we would not have such advanced technology. The benefits that brings modern technology are very numerous and widely known. Increased productivity provides society with surpluses that allow you to have more free time, dispense education and, in fact, continue the own scientific work. We all need food, housing, clothing, etc.

When these basic needs are satisfied, and the technology begins to provide increasingly trivial benefits is when you essentially have problems. If we consider the current situation, we see that the people or seems happiest in the past, and often not having better health. Environmental waste that produces the technology have created new forms of diseases and encouraged others.

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