SAN Vendor Again Failing To Mention Fragmentation Problems

Is space really so cheap? LONDON 7 July – Icu8484, a rapidly growing Dutch salvage company with over 300 employees, has turned very positive about the benefits of installing Diskeeper enterprise servers (mostly HP ProLiant 380 and 360 server) as well as on a 4 TB HP EVA 4000 SAN said. Peter Landman, ICT Manager at Icu8484, was already familiar with the benefits that brings the Diskeeper for the company’s own IT system. He knows and uses Diskeeper already since the 1980s. As a long-time user of Diskeeper (since the 1980s) I was thinking immediately this solution, when I saw that we had fragmentation problems. This is a software of I I was sure that it will solve my problems.” Also Icu8484 ‘ provider had failed to refer to the fragmentation problem – an accidental omission of information that is increasingly common among SAN providers.

The SAN provider did not mention at all possible fragmentation problems”, says Peter Landman. Peter continues: after we had used the pre-installed Windows tool for several months, we found that the percentage of fragmented files was still very high. Without we further concluded that this excessive performance penalties meant for us Messungenkamen. We bought and installed Diskeeper. Diskeeper .behebt these problems about dieIntelliWrite-Technologie.Dadurch is the Festplattenleistungerheblich gesteigert(insbesondere die Datentrager auf unserem HP EVA 4000). Within a week we have noted strong improvements.” “Mandeep Birdi, technical presales consultant at Diskeeper Corporation Europe: Unfortunately, I hear too often from customers, the SAN in their network inventory include much want your SAN provider told them either, they need to worry about Fragmentierungkeine, or this would have not only as any Problemgenannt.” He continues: it is important to fully exploit potential of existing SAN.

I/O bottlenecks are a problem, the huge performance impact can. If the customer is not clear, what is happening in the SAN environment, this can be ultimately very costly for the company. It is assumed that more hardware must – be bought and eventually save is no longer so cheap.” Thomas Doria, new business development manager for Diskeeper Corporation Europe: We will not compete with SAN providers. “On the contrary: we would only make sure that everyone on the basis of correct information works, so that users can maximize the benefits of your IT investment.” About Diskeeper Corporation – Microsoft Gold partner CIOs, IT managers and system administrators of global Fortune 1000 – and Forbes500 companies put on the performance Software Diskeeper as innovators in performance and reliability technologies ‘ unparalleled performance and reliability for your business used laptops, desktops and servers to allow. ” Diskeeper 2011 includes the groundbreaking IntelliWrite “-technology that prevents fragmentation.” V-locity 2.0, the gain for virtual platforms for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, removes obstacles of full virtual efficiency and ensures maximum I/O performance on virtual servers. With the data recovery software undelete “( the Diskeeper Corporation also provides real-time data protection and Datenwiederherstellungan.” InvisiTasking “each process can be completely invisible in the background technology, making the otherwise unused resources full potential to let (

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