The art of origami – an exciting experience not only for children but also for mothers and fathers. Incomparable satisfaction of hand made toys. Origami toy, made by the hands, sweet heart, cherish it. Even if a toy was manufactured for extremely simple origami. Birthplace of origami is rightfully Japan – land of the rising sun, self-sacrificing samurai, graceful geishas and cherry blossoms beautifully. But, despite the fact that Origami is the property of the Japanese people, start it takes in other eastern countries – China.

China has opened the technology of papermaking. At the beginning of the paper is only used for writing, then it began to depict and folding origami out of it. For the production of origami figures, in most cases using a square sheet of paper, painted two different colors on both sides. This, of course, is not a prerequisite. Can use monochromatic piece.

The square is not randomly selected based on origami, as in ancient Japan, the square was considered the embodiment of peace, which is under heaven. Therefore, it is the square can always be changed and converted by recreating many new forms. The main thing in this art is not the result, and the process of folding origami diagrams. At the beginning of its existence, origami was used by the Japanese in various rituals. For example, boxes of Sunbeam, which are manufactured by a simple scheme of origami, were used for offerings to the gods in the temples. Various schemes of origami from simple to complex. Over time, expand the subject schemes of origami. Distribution of origami in Western countries has helped increase the development of mapping the paper around the world. And gave impetus to technological progress: in the schemes of origami figures appear aircraft, space and surface ships and much drugoe. perform origami and chat with fans of the art online can be a resource iz-bumagi.com. Here also you will find various origami diagrams. Over time the scheme origami wandered around the world, acquiring All the latest shades, defined cultural and features different gosudarstv.Origami – it's a nice and benevolent way of leisure activity for the soul. The main methods for studying folding paper figures – it is to have the desire to plunge into the deep world of origami.

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