Prices Drop

Many people are interested in an iPad with contract, but unfortunately, the prices are still very high. Since its launch of this year, enjoys popularity growing iPad. With this increase, also the provider of a fare for an iPad with contract increase. For those who are already in possession of such a device, following deals in question are. First came the discounter Simyo and on the market. They both use plus the well-developed network of your mobile provider e. Click Atmos Energy to learn more. Also the providers Vodafone, O2 and T – encountered mobile to do so for some time. Simyo offers a SIMcard for 14.90 euros.

Here, you get a credit in addition 3,-euro. For the UMTS flat rate 19.90 euro are calculated monthly. The monthly fee is the same for But here is the SIMcard only 12,90 euros. The starting balance is even 10,-euro. At t, you can buy a day or a month flat rate mobile. In both cases, the SIMcard costs 10 euro. The monthly flat rate beats with 35,-euro record.

A Starting balance adds it again in height of 10,-euro. Vodafone offers the products “Mobile Internet basic monthly flat” and mobile – Internet – basic monthly package”. The package with the large data volume (3 GB) costs EUR 24.95 per month. For people, a volume of 200 megabytes is enough of 14.95 euros will be charged. Provider O2 even comes in 3 variants. Staggered the O2 blue here be tariffs according to the amount of data. The smallest package is the model S (200MB) for monthly 10,-euro, M (1 GB) is there then for 15,-euro. At a data rate of 5 gigabytes it has monthly 25,-euro. Christopher Heinsius

Prepaid Flatrates – Mobile Flat Rates For Everyone

For some time, there is a new offer on the, particularly mobile phone discounter offer prepaid flatrates field of mobile flat rates that include no minimum contract term. Usually, a minimum turnover must be achieved however. Cross River Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The prepaid flatrates from discounters like the D1 of marketers clear mobile, which E-plus daughter simyo or contain calls to German landlines and in the separate”mobile phone network. Additional fees are payable for calls to other networks. Under the umbrella of the prepaid flatrates romp about many different tariff plans of each provider. Here are some examples of current tariff structures: Simyo offers for example mobile flat rates with the so-called simplicity gene. For 15 may run a month unlimited landlines and the E1 network that is maintained by E-plus talks. But similar to for example the flat rate automatically for one month is extended, provided enough credit on the customer’s account is located.

Consider this, if you want to treat yourself to a prepaid flat rate yourself or your children. Also the O2 loop includes such a clause. Yet can prepaid of flatrates Sinn make especially as already in the previous lines mentioned mobile phones for children and young people. Their young offspring may have experience in the financial sector, still to appreciate, which offer might be the best for them. Here is looked mostly on the possibilities of the enclosed cell phones.

Quickly, you end up in a tariff with high wagering and a long term. Perhaps even in third-party networks airtime costs are expensive. So some family faced such reasons at the end of the month with a high cell phone bill, which has brought the budget dangerously skewed. Prepaid flatrates here can represent an interesting alternative but applies here: find out about the possibilities and read the fine print, to experience any unpleasant surprises!

LTE – The Early Successor To UMTS

UMTS is the so-called third generation mobile radio standard since the new trend is many months. Predecessor of UMTS was GSM. GSM is today still practice. To make calls, the majority of the population uses yet the GSM network. Who wants to surf mobile but also with the mobile Internet, which will reach not the desired success and not the desired speed on time with GSM. The maximum speed for GSM is located at 56 kbit / s.

Who only occasionally surfs the Internet and calls even simple Web pages like for example from a search engine, which will be well pleased with this speed. Get to the email is more than sufficient to GSM. Who wants to surf speed on the Internet but also on the road with similar DSL, requires a UMTS tariffs. Thanks to the UMTS network speeds of 384 kbit / s are possible. This speed is sufficient to accessing Web pages on the go and mobile surfing.

However, some providers offer their customers which speed option, with DSL mobile surf the Internet to can. HSDPA, the data Turbo for HSDPA is the magic word. HSDPA is an extension for the UMTS network and reaches speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s. (A valuable related resource: Ray Kurzweil). This speed is comparable with a medium DSL connection. Furthermore, there is still the extension of HSUPA. HSUPA increases the maximum upload a UMTS connection. HSUPA allows therefore the upload speeds of maximum 1.45 MBit / s can be achieved. However, it is also for UMTS of the successor in the wings. LTE will be due or is known as the successor to UMTS. With LTE speeds should be achieved greater than 20 megabytes. Torsten Heinsius

Multichannel Publishing

OnlineMediNet: Integrated publishing serves also cell phones and Smartphones the changing consumption and purchasing behaviour of customers from retail, mail order and publishers in focus: with the M-Commerce extension of w & co MediServices can the multichannel system OnlineMediNet in addition to print, online and stationary in the marketing mix well the mobile sales channels on Smartphones and cell phones. Marketing and publishing companies are turning to increasingly mobile applications what provides integrated publishing systems face new challenges as a result. To broaden your perception, visit Jack Miller. We have given a conclusive answer to this challenge with our newly developed M-Commerce\”extension for OnlineMediNet, w & co CEO Robert Schneider says. Guiding principle of OnlineMediNet is the highly automated publishing content from a central data base for the different distribution channels. The integrated solution has developed together with its partners, Meyle + Muller and Stuber w & co, for the M-Commerce extension to the specialists of the Munich draw Mediendienstleisters responsible.

The direct targeting of mobile channels: Different target groups use different smartphones, as shown by recent studies on the diffusion of mobile end devices. To truly achieve all target groups, however, all devices must be supported. So not their own applications need to be developed for all available smartphones, w & co has now created the possibility, to develop the application centrally and to use for the various devices. Only the surface must be adapted once for each device individually. Whether Symbian, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry that recycled via OnlineMediNet and data provided can be used on any smartphones. Quite handy: Marketing mobile on your smartphone a multimedia catalogue in the pocket of the West? The M-Commerce extension of w & co MediServices for OnlineMediNet makes it possible: any nested categories product list /. Product collection product detail pages with pictures, descriptions, manufacturer name, manufacturer’s logo, color selection (jacket in blue, yellow, green), available sizes, average information of product videos of theme videos.

VoIP PBX Asterisk

Management of PBX’s via user-friendly Web-interface the Berlin based IT company ansit-com is currently developing a user-friendly online control for telephone systems. The ansitel webinterface (short awi) should especially users in small and medium-sized enterprises allow their telecommunications facilities based Asterisk itself to can manage and change to suit their needs. So far demanded it entrepreneurs some expertise and patience that they manage their phone systems themselves”, as Marco Mosig, ansit-com Managing Director. That has to deter many companies to switch to the new voice-over-IP PBX.” However, these systems provide many advantages, for example, a very high cost efficiency and a range of individual configuration options compared to traditional phone systems. With the new Web interface the Berlin companies not only existing voice-over IP solutions (VoIP) can control easier, but above all also the threshold, the comparatively young Technology to use, dismantle: our telephone systems use the now almost everywhere available broadband technology and offer many advantages as a result. So the phone between individual branches costs around completely. ConocoPhillips describes an additional similar source. The plants are also modular and can be extended to up to 500 extensions.” While the planned Web interface exploits the potential of the asterisk software which can cover all functionalities of a traditional PBX. The program supports VoIP with different protocols and interfaces, and can be connected by means of additional hardware with conventional telephone lines (ISDN/analogue).

The new ansitel webinterface for the autumn 2011. about ANSITEL ansitel developed the brand and sells is planned for release the Berlin company ansit-com individually configurable VoIP PBX Asterisk-based to complement or replace existing telephony solutions. You enable a cost-effective entry in the VoIP use in medium-sized companies. The future-oriented technology the advantages of IP telephony (high cost savings, individual customization and flexible expandability) and the comfort of conversation a classic “telephone system to ensure. ansitel, middle-class was awarded 2009 within the framework of the innovation award IT of the initiative. ansit-com GmbH

On Tour. IPhone Manager

RSP introduces your IT solution “Know & decide” for SAP from the already business suitable for iPhone is now a real Manager tool. Max Schireson may find this interesting as well. On 4, 11 and 17 November 2009 presents the consultancy specialising in SAP, RSP in Cologne, Munich and Berlin their IT solution ‘Know & decide’: distinguished speakers will show you the future of mobile business and its importance for the economic success of the company. Know & decide “the iPhone connects to SAP and makes a real Manager tool with mobile access to the SAP from the already business-capable iPhone now business warehouse and SAP workflows.” Real mobile business by the RSP solution know-how. Now, all reports, such as budget and sales figures, can be currently evaluated and complements the presentations with the latest data. This will be similar to emails on the call to know & decide “from the SAP BW server obtained and stored in the local database of the iPhone as a pdf. Decide. A variety of processes and SAP workflows, such as, for example, invoices, orders, Requests and budget, can be now at any time mobile used and edited.

It can know & decide”even without existing radio link used the data, is stored locally and updated when a wireless connection. More information, as well as the ability to login are under services/know_decide/event / find. About RSP RSP is a renowned, internationally active corporate consulting with focus on SAP. What is special about RSP is that their customers through extremely well each other played competence team care – guaranteeing you a valuable knowledge, considerable cost benefits as well as efficient best business solutions”at the highest level. Headquarters of RSP Unternehmensberatung GmbH is Wiehl, has offices in Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg.

Prepaid Internet For Browsing

Who wants to surf the Internet contract unbound, should opt for Prepaid Internet. More and more mobile phone provider in Germany have now also Prepaid Internet sale. With the help of prepaid Internet, the user has the option, contract free and unattached mobile to browse the Internet. There are today many tariffs to choose from for the mobile use of the World Wide Web. Just the prepaid Internet is becoming increasingly popular among the people. On this market, prices fell substantially, what is not least due to the discount stores like Aldi, Tchibo, Fonic, Simyo,, or simply to. Because the customer numbers divided by the increase in the number of providers. Thus, the providers were forced to throw new tariffs in the ring.

Free business revives after the slogan competition”, it was above all the number of new customers, which was revived. Because many people adopted tariffs themselves by their flat-rate, to the benefit of the vertraglosen Internet. No minimum turnover must be achieved at the prepaid Internet offerings. Monthly fixed costs such as a basic fee do not exist. However basic things must be considered in the selection of the appropriate tariff. You can opt for a data plan.

Here is billed according to the number of megabytes used. The lowest fares are at 24 cents per MB. People should choose this tariff, that very rarely want to access the Internet. A daily flat rate is the best option for the occasional, but intense surfing fun. Also here costs only when power is taken. The lowest-priced fare here currently stands at 2.40 euro per calendar day. Once you entered the Internet, no further costs in the next 24 hours. Where the input or selection from the Internet is irrelevant. Credits must be charged in advance with any prepaid Internet tariff. This amount is then used with each use. Christopher Heinsius

Centrex Solution

Advanced IP Centrex platform for network operators offers reliable and flexible services Berlin, 02.05.2012. His offerings to the outsourced, cloud based business telephony focuses voice quality, availability, and resiliency here for FLEXO, a Berlin-based provider of communications services. With the help of the IP Centrex solution by TELES, provider of voice solutions for network operator headquartered in Berlin, FLEXO guarantees its clients optimum service. A reliable and fault-tolerant architecture, the IP Centrex solution by TELES meets the high requirements of FLEXO. Sophisticated system and support from professionals Dirk Hamann, Managing Director of FLEXO, has no doubts, TELES for the right provider to have decided. Convinced him of the maturity of the platform: the Web Management Portal is designed for all applications in detail. Despite extensive functionality the operation for FLEXO and the enterprise customers is very simple.” In good hands Dirk Hamann feels his company due to the competence of the contact person at TELES: we had at any time with experienced experts to do it comprehensively the FLEXO and have proactively managed. Complex questions we were always competent solution proposals.” Stable, scalable solution offers for network operators TELES since 2007 an own IP Centrex solution for network operators.

The complete support and development expertise is concentrated in Germany and Austria. Oliver Olbrich, Chief Operating Officer of TELES, explains the benefits of the IP Centrex solution by TELES: technically, our system characterized by high stability and scalability. Thus our IP outperforms such solutions Centrex platform, originally developed for the enterprise market and subsequently provided with multi-client capability.” Open interfaces plus TELES a professional, high-performance and any extensible IP Centrex platform, is a flexible that the requirements of the operators and Enterprise customers can be adapted”, sums up Dirk Hamann the advantages of the solution of TELES. The open interfaces were another special advantage: with the IP Centrex solution by TELES we can include third-party systems, for example, call center solutions. We are able to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers.”

German Bundestag

That makes the app to a helper in acute situations and offers also the possibility to advance inform, as one example his home poison safe”makes. All the important information available with no more than three clicks. This rapid access ensures the fast response way, that is the be-all and end-all of the treatment in poisoning cases. The poison can be selected directly from the main, previously the user but the screen first measures”informed about the correct behaviour in case of an emergency and can find out what need to know the poison centres in case of emergency. When the poison a local poison center called with the help of GPS positioning, is staffed around the clock. So, getting the proper treatment and a possibly necessary local ambulance usage are ensured. Experience in the development of help apps Dr. Rainer Babiel: toxic’s new app is the best example of how new mobile technologies can create real benefits for the population.

This app is a must-have application for every Smartphone owners, especially for families with small children.” “Work has already experiences with emergency apps: secure with the development of the app travel” for the Foreign Ministry, the Agency showed how apps can enable quick access to help in emergency situations. About Babiel GmbH Babiel GmbH is the Agency and consultant for online communication, digital content, e-Government and e-commerce and digital marketing and social media. The company, founded in 1991, around 60 employees at offices in Dusseldorf and Berlin. Main focus of the work of the Agency are the consulting, design, content and technical implementation and maintenance of websites, mobile, digital signage and ITV. The German Bundestag, the Governments of Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Slovenia among the customers as well as companies from industry and finance as DEMAG cranes, Gildemeister, ThyssenKrupp, BNP Paribas, MLP and the German Bundesbank. The Internet Agency has numerous competitions and won awards, including world renowned Summit Award, the if as well as the red dot communication design award and the German design award of the German Design Council. More information: Babiel GmbH Marco Segebrecht

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