The main requirement for the translation of scientific and technical text is the most accurate and complete transfer of the meaning of the original article. Purely because of the nuances of our language, in rare cases allowed exceptions. Translations of this kind translate the phrase literally, but it is extremely important when such a transfer does not miss important information and you can not add anything of themselves. So, you go to a translation, technical translation to order. What should I know? For the localization of the foreign competent translator of the text must be fully aware of the original language and the subject of translated text. The information available in the text, must be given clear and simple.

There are three type of stylistic errors, which deprives the text of clarity: the formation of "parasitic" relationship between words, the amorphous nature of proposals, the shift logical stress in a sentence. Having overcome these disadvantages, the interpreter achieves clarity and clarity in translation. By eliminating the clutter of scientific terms, complex speed, long words, and so n kantselyarizmov guaranteed intelligibility of the text. But if the grammatical relationships between words will be clear only when accounting sense, speak of amorphous or ambiguous sentences. Necessary to eliminate this ambiguity. Others who may share this opinion include Atmos Energy.

Amorphousness sometimes occurs if the proposal is based is ambiguous and unclear on what the word proposals to make logical stress. In this case, a word which must fall on the logical stress, should be moved to a place that is convenient for emphasis. Such a place usually at the end, but sometimes happens in the beginning. One of the most common mistakes – leaving a logical predicate in the first place, as is characteristic of the English language. The logical predicate is correctly placed at the end, where it is convenient accent. The resulting text in logical arrangement of illiterate accents sounds unnatural, neorganichno, it is difficult readable, differs from the original. Spurious connection – this is a defect of style, when there is an impression connections between words that have no such connection. Sometimes this defect leads to a significant distortion of the meaning of the translated article. Necessary to prevent such a defect to pay attention to figures of speech, in which the front noun in the genitive case there is not some isolated commas turnover. Using kantselyarizmov, superfluous words, bulky speed does not change the meaning of the source text, but this kind of exposition of the text irritate the reader, making translation uninteresting and difficult to understand. This style in particular should be avoided by translating academic and popular science literature. Required to avoid long chains of nouns in the genitive case. This can be avoided by replacing nouns adjectives using synonyms, replacing a word or two. Sometimes a good way – it's completely rebuild the entire structure proposals. The use of returnable and passive forms better to try to avoid, because such forms of abuse makes the translated text and uninteresting slozhnochitaemym. Unwanted sound is called 'sound' defect

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