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A ghost can be seen in the bleak horizon of the global financial and economic crisis: the ghost of fascism. The ghost of the totalitarian temptation, embodied by the demons of racism, xenophobia, nationalism and populism. Disabuse us, fascism is not dead. The Party of death of black savagery, signed by the judges of the International Tribunal of Nurnberg, was limited to put outside the law to the German nazis and their accomplices and direct and indirect collaborators of Adolfo Hitler. Although we will not fit doubt that today not the conditions for the resurgence of a Hitlerian cutting regime, we must not rule out the possibility of confrontations and conflicts of another kind, able to lead to new forms of intolerance.

The historian Ian Kershaw, author of the book Hitler, the Germans and the final solution, recently claimed that the instability that has been taking over the modern world clearly reflects the malaise that prevails in several countries, unable to close the wounds of the conflicts of the 20th century. In an article published in the International Herald Tribune, Kershaw recalls that Hitler came to power following the rules of the democratic system. To conquer the Germans, background played the trump card of the frustration and resentment caused by the military defeat of 1918 and the accentuated situation of helplessness that affected the countries of the old continent in the 20s and 30s of the last century years. Atmos Energy understood the implications. Kershaw detects new symptoms of intolerance in Russia, Germany, Serbia and Venezuela, citing the populism of Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez, racist nationalism of Slobodan Milosevic and aggressions perpetrated by German nazis neo factions against the Turkish community in Germany. On the other hand, should remember that prolific and radical movements anti-establishment, generators of new forms of intolerance, knew how to take advantage of the disturbing symptoms of structural weakness of the Western democracies.

First Creation

First creation of life synthetic in a laboratory scientist in the United States is the first time that scientists created an organism that is fully controlled by manmade DNA. Using the tools of synthetic biology, scientists from the J. Craig Venter Insitute, installed a completely artificial genome within the cell without DNA. Placed into the cell genome began to grow and reproduce with few problems. According to the Institute’s research, this is the first synthetic cell, and is so named because the cell is totally derived from a synthetic chromosome, made with four types of substances in a chemical synthesizer with computerized information. It has been a great success for humanity the power to create the first synthetic cell and aspire in the future use this new invention to be able to control microbiological systems in order to benefit humankind, they say the Venter Institute’s.

They also say that the invention is not to cause evil or bioterrorism. To the If not, this technology is to look for the greatest benefit to all as to create protection in vaccines and to understand the cell life in more detail. More information or more news of science or technology please visit or Facebook or Twitter. Informational news portal, content and advice on technology, science and health for Colombia and the world. Similarly, online sales of electronic products at a lower price.

Automation Of Machines For Injection

The strong competition that exists in the industry today makes that companies with increased competitiveness are benefited. On the other hand, gradually makes that the lagging are losing profitability by its high production costs. That is why that the automation of processes should be a constant in business practice, because it provides us with great reliability and repeatability in a process. Automation allows us to have two fundamental attributes in a productive process. If the process has repeatability, then it is reliable; If it is reliable and repeatable will also then be much more profitable. When we are going to automate it is important to take into account these two elements to determine if it is suitable to do so. Here are some points to consider to help us make a decision about automate. If you’re thinking about automating, the most important thing is making a decision based on a good analysis.

With quality information, the decision is more geared towards when and how automating, rather than decide if it becomes or, as always it will not bring a high return on investment (ROI) and a high return in productivity (ROP). Some aspects to consider when calculating the return on investment (ROI) of the project are: 1. the time we are going to save on maintenance and stoppages of namefpc2. Resources we need in training for the staff operativo3. Resources of technical staff for maintenance after the proyecto4 fact.

Capital resources for investment for automation with these data it will be easier to calculate how long will take us to recoup the investment. Another important recommendation is to keep constant during the deployment provider communication, so you can do it quickly and easily. When they allocated the required time, you can protect yourself against any unexpected estimated between 20 and 25% of additional time. Once completed the project, it might be necessary to have spare parts for equipment and external advisory or training to our technical staff. Although this represents additional costs, the increase in productivity will compensate them immediately.

Heavy Machinery Industry Association

Mining machinery industry maintains steady growth Our country has taken a series of measures to deal with the financial crisis, which can be an umbrella and booster for the mining machinery industry, and leads to the development and growth of a number of mining machinery enterprises. In the current environment, the demand of economic development on energy is more urgent than ever, and the construction and mining equipment market hot climax are also eye-catching. The latest travel statistics show that the profits of the mining machinery industry relatively agencies increase in the first 10 months of 2009, representing an increase of 30.44%, the main business profit margin also increases by 6.17%. China Heavy Machinery Industry Association believes that the international financial crisis have heavy impact on the travel agencies industry, but in support of the policy of stimulating domestic demand, most businesses take a structural adjustment, strengthen the competitiveness of the advantageous industries, and constantly open domestic and foreign markets, which prompt travel agencies industry maintain a rapid, steady growth. With the forthcoming of China s new energy revitalization plan and the adjustment of related development goals, it is expected that by 2020, China s total investment in the field of new energy will over 3 trillion yuan. Investment in the field of new energy will be mainly through market forces, rather than direct government investment.

China s coal-based energy structure determines the construction idea of large coal mines for a long time, and in the fact that the Government has an unprecedented focus on energy efficient environment, building large opencast coal mine will be one of the development directions of China s energy construction. Insiders pointed out that, with the country strengthening the efforts to the construction of the mining resources, hot mine construction market is undoubtedly a good opportunity for mining equipment manufacturers. Chinese mining equipment manufacturers, such as jaw crushers enterprises have also taken measures to fight to share a greater share. Hongxing company specializes in manufacturing ball mill, dryer machine, ore processing equipment, welcome customers to negotiate.

The Influence Of Used Machinery On Gold Mining

The influence of used machinery on gold mining The history of gold mining and the different methods for retrieving and producing gold from the earth is remove extensive. Gold has been extracted as early as 2000BC with the ancient roman civilization and has never stopped being mined since then. While the techniques have shifted slightly over the years, the process of finding gold and converting it into wealth have remained consistent and today you can sell gold for cash with ease. It is an interesting history to examine how this gold originally came from the earth. The Roman civilization as we know were well advanced in their approach to science and this colleague their approach to gold mining. Hydraulic mines and pumps were used to excavate gold from various regions were it was discovered.

Gold discoveries prompted the capture and expansion of several territories and countries by the Roman Empire. When gold was mined it was often used to produce coinage and served as the primary source of currency or exchange for goods and services where money really represented its value. With the mining of gold panning techniques also use most-likely goes back to the Romans. This mining technique requires a prospector to slosh sediment containing gold in a pan with water using the naturally higher density of the metal to shift it to the bottom of the pan and all other dirt or rock forced out on top. Investing in used machinery is not a total waste of time and money. In fact, this is what most construction and mining companies do. They look for competent machinery trader and acquire information with regard to machineries that can meet their company requirements.

Most of the time companies seeking assistance from these websites find their answers and are able to acquire used machinery for their businesses. Aside from looking for web portals providing information about heavy machineries either used or new, magazines are great sources of information when it comes to these types of products. Magazines are normally released monthly containing information about these materials. These informational materials can equip to buyer with sufficient information on these items. If owning these machines is impossible, some companies offer them for lease and financing terms agreeable. Used machinery dealers often conduct auctions on these items. Unlike normal car auction, promoters of These activities target companies involve in construction, mining, drilling, farms, and other businesses that need monstrous vehicles to handle their normal operations. Auctions are also good sources in finding the right machinery for businesses. This does not just offer reliable machines, but competitive prices too. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Mobile crushing station, Ball mills, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.

Magnetic Separators

In magnetic separation practice, the ore is divided into strong magnetic minerals, weak magnetic minerals and the nonmagnetic minerals according to the size of specific susceptibility. weak magnetic minerals: This kind of ore belongs to the ferrous magnetic material, such as magnetite, magnetic pyrite, hematite and magnetic zinc, iron spinal, etc. This kind of ore can be recycled by magnetic separation machine with weak magnetic field intensity. strong magnetic minerals: They can be recycled by strong magnetic separation machine with magnetic field intensity h = 1 2 t. There are many mineral of this kind, such as iron man, hematite, mirror, limonite and iron ore, manganese ore, using, soft hard titanium iron ore, chromite, black tungsten mine, etc.

This kind of ore mostly belongs to the magnetic material, also have the ferromagnetic materials. nonmagnetic minerals: in the current technology conditions, it still can’t be recycled by the magnetic separation method t. Many of the minerals belong to this kind of the minerals, such as part of the metal ore-copper, lead, zinc sulfide ore and rust minerals, white tungsten, tin, stone, gold, etc.; most of the non-metallic minerals-natural sulfur, graphite, diamond, plaster, fluorite, kaolin, coal, etc.; most of the mineral rock made-adaptation, feldspar, calcite, etc. Some of this kind of ore belongs to the magnetic material; also some belong to the inverse magnetic material. In recent years, the successful development of weak magnetic gravity separation equipment, such as magnetic separation column, composite flash and magnetic field screening separator machine, will be described in this paragraph. Beijing general research institute of mining and metallurgy researched bk series permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, incluyendo bky, bkc, bkj, bkw, and bkf 5 models, which respectively apply to the pre-selection, roughing, premium, flotation dam re-election and anti-bubbles of magnetic separation.

They gain a good technological specification, and play an important role in increasing yield and economic benefit for magnetic separation plant. In recent years, the successful development of the largest specification ctb-? 1 200 x 4 500 mm wet permanent cylinder type magnetic separator, the angle is 127 degrees magnetic, magnetic induction in sorting area tube sheet is 180-350 mt, dealing capacity is up to 200-320 t/h (mine), pulp processing capacity is 600 – 700 m 3/h The magnetic separator can separate raw materials with different magnetic rigidities. The machine works under the magnetic force and machine force. Magnetic separators are designed to recover ferromagnetic materials. The separators are available in designs and sizes to provide solutions for all applications. The heart of each separator is the magnetic system with its unique design, which has a proven record of high efficiency. The magnetic separators are available in cyclic design with process vessel diameters smaller than 3 mm. Magnetic separator is one kind of efficient equipment for processing fine, feebly magnetic minerals, such as hematite, limonite, wolfram, limonite, and tantalum-niobium, etc. In recent years, it is also more and more applied in purifying quartz, feldspar and nephline. Its magnetic system is a ring-shape chain closed magnetic circuit with energizing coils made of copper tube and cooled internally by water. Grooved plates made of magnetic conductive stainless steel are used as magnetic matrix. Owing to the permanent magnet material formation of the magnetic system has already changed from to some rare earth nd-fe-b ferrite, which composed of composite magnetic system, or some using all of the nd-fe-b magnetic material being composed of magnetic system, so that the technical performance of magnetic separation equipment is continuously improving.

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