Denomination Is little considered complicated to trace a dividing line between the telephones and smartphones, since many manufacturers call many times, simpler devices of ' ' smartphones' '. While some consider that device that offers more advanced resources of what a simple agenda of contact can be considered one smartphone, others defend that the denomination if applies only the devices with great screens and keyboards QWERT. Between the two extremities, the assignment has more popularly accepted is that one smartphone is capable of: To allow a complete operative system and to guarantee the installation of applications (and widgets or not only applicatory java); To allow linkings with the PC saw USB and bluetooth; To connect web saw GPRS to it, EDGE or of preference 3G; To allow a quality navigator; Capacity to support applications as MP3, Videos and Games. Having in account this assignment all the based devices of Nokia in the S60, together with the devices based on Windows Mobile and the Android, Blackberry, many devices of Motorola, Samsung and of Sony Ericson (based in the UIQ, Windows Mobile or in the S60) and iPhone 3G, among others, is smartphones. Intermediate devices, as the models of Nokia based in the S40 and the devices of based Sony Ericsson in a2, that support the installation of applicatory in Java and include navigators web, do not arrive to be considered smartphones. The choice of smartphone ideal if has become each more difficult time, since only one is not chosen gadget, but yes several simultaneously.

Operative systems In a PC, which operative system is chosen to use. In smartphones the choices are more restricted, since, with few exceptions, it is difficult or exactly impossible to substitute the daily pay-installed system. (Source: ) It is common that smartphones is called ' ' plataformas' ' , indicating exactly this intrinsic combination between the hardware, the operational system and the set of applications that they hold.

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