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Made in Ostfildern: 15 years open source document management Ostfildern, 24.10.2013 founded the privately agorum Software GmbH from Ostfildern – Nellingen, 1998, grow since disclosure of the source code of the DMS software agorum core in the year 2008. So the DMS manufacturer listed 2013 several thousand installations, about 1,600 active members in the agorum community, 15 permanent staff at the site of Nellingen and an established network of partners in the Jubilee year with over 50 sales partners in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. With the move to a new headquarters, the Office space, which include now also a training and Development Centre widened also. “True to the motto of DMS, simply for everyone!” offers the open source document management system agorum core a wide range of applications. As highly innovative and adaptable flexibility to industry – and company-specific needs features, allow individual solutions on the basis of the standard system. About the DMS also testifies to a great user experience: intuitive functions and surfaces lead the user through the system and enable rapid integration of DMS in familiar working methods of the user. Functions related to the electronic management of documents by gathering, storing and finding up to automate control ultimately important business information company, cope with the rising flood of documents efficiently and effortlessly and ensure beyond safe, controlled processes in. More information about the company: development of agorum Software GmbH: 1998: Foundation of the company as a trade platform in the Internet in Denkendorf, district of Esslingen.

2000: Moving the company headquarters to Ostfildern – Nellingen, district of Esslingen. Building information based on proprietary components by third-party and knowledge platform. 2002: agorum parallel continuous development of the DMS core. 2008: Disclosure of source code by agorum core introduction of free available version of the open and subject to license Pro version 2009: agorum is member of the open source business Alliance (OSBA) and agorum core thus DMS component of the OSBA software stack.

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