High Quality Internet Connections

If the costs of long distance and international calls in your business are significant, then you must use the IP-telephony Skype (in Russian sounds Skype). Install it in your office or home, you are guaranteed to communication to reduce costs by 30% (part of the negotiations at all translate into a free mode). To communicate via Skype requires your computer to the Internet, but not necessarily high enough modem (but note the higher speed internet connections, better audio quality) and a set of headphones with a microphone (in the future you can buy Skype phone). Installing the software from the site is free and takes 2 minutes. If your clients or friends will be also installed Skype, then the relationship with them will be free, wherever they are. You just need to convince their loyal customers to install Skype, the more so that in addition to free connection, there very high quality sound.

It is possible to organize audio conferences for up to 5 subscribers. In addition to these advantages, the program has a very high degree of protection that eliminates the possibility of listening to talks Internet outsiders. In the event, even if Skype from your customers have not yet installed, you can still save up to 30% of the cost of communications due to favorable tariffs on Skype calls to regular landlines and cell phones around the world. There is also the possibility of free Skype text messages. On the Internet there are now many programs of IP-telephony, but the Skype program compares favorably with others in that it uses P2P technology to connect to other subscribers, allowing treatment of all the information is on the computers of users who are currently in communication.

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