The Generacion Facebook

Identified as the F generation, the generation of Facebook is a title used to identify those who are growing up in a world where the use of online social networks is common. The use of networking sites online like Facebook are seen as forces that significantly altered the shape of personal development and work in related networks. As a result, the basic philosophy for communication with others is very different from the way in which baby boomers or children of generation X or generation and are today connected with other people. Online social network may or may not coincide with the local group of friends and is considered important in terms of encouragement, support and knowledge sharing. Built tools in sites like Facebook allow users to transmit emotions, share information and interact in ways that are much more efficient than the previous efforts online. With Visual, verbal, oral capabilities that is now common in these sites, the interaction is very similar to a face to face conversation. The popularity of these virtual sites that the monarchy British joins Facebook and creates an account for closer to his faithful and that they may have greater relationship with various members of the British Royal family is so great. Over time, the impact of the Facebook generation is expected to change the way in which companies think in terms of productivity and efficiency overcoming different myths about Facebook.

For example, networking online allows you to generate ideas to be considered among their peers with greater speed, so the merits or drawbacks of a given approach are easily identifiable. This is in contrast to traditional methods that may require more time to fully evaluate an idea through field tests, opinion surveys, and other tools commonly used. The Facebook generation is also more comfortable with independent work. This may mean that the tendency of people to teleworking is growing here instead of riding in a single physical location work can enable a wide spectrum space. At the same time, the capacity of the network can also change the way of approaching the workday and their responsibilities. Instead of dedicating a solid block of work eight hours, periods devoted to work can carry out throughout much of the day and night, on the basis of the tasks that must be completed on a given day.

As the Facebook generation reaches the age of majority, employers can go finding need to adjust their procedures in order to adapt to the different generation F mentality to remain competitive in their markets. Even the educational institutions may find that traditional methods are no longer effective and are based on new approaches to the instructional process embodying the elements inherent to the creation of social networks online today. However, it is important to note that along with the development of new methods, also will have the need to create new forms of control activity, evaluate the efficiency and accountability necessary for a work online environment.

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