Increase Sales Through Proper Organization

Each of you probably faced with the fact that sales are growing only through the efforts created by the intervention of the leader. This is usually the owner of the company or the first face. Why? The fact that staff are not ready to sell? A may be that we have picked up wrong personnel? Perhaps the reason is that there is a normal staff? Education has lagged for five seven years! In general, it can cause a variety of reasons, but those it causes? Try to explain Grandma selling radishes from your own vegetable garden, which is a project at one billion rubles. Try to explain to the seller, who is used to sell tomatoes on the market that you can not bribe or payment of taxes is the very thing that make it work quiet. They just do not understand you! Why? They just think in other categories. Businessman ready to deal to lose five million in commissions and earn three million. Speculator, will try to earn seven million and lose the deal.

Different points of view! One of the leaders said that no qualified staff, so it has bad things are going in sales. But in a circus animal trainer was able to achieve teamwork unqualified "personnel" and was able to earn! The only difference is that people are realizing that the staff is not qualified, do not do anything with qualified personnel, and even more so with his qualifications. A strong leader to lead the come into the battle first, will take on the most difficult and usually get the first hit, a good coach will make a cohesive work team, through the allocation of the best qualities of the existing personnel.

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