Knitting For Beginners

An integral part of the modern woman's wardrobe are knitwear, as needlework still in vogue. If you wish to have the original order, we offer, drop all doubt, make it the most. We briefly tell you about the technical possibilities of crochet, yarn dyeing plant and chemical dyes, on the tools and principles of selection of material for various products. When materials crocheting use yarn from wool, cotton, linen, silk or synthetic thread, as well as strips of fabric or knitted fabric, and various cords. The material is selected depending on what the thing required to knit.

Preparation of materials Yarn of cotton, linen, silk or synthetics do not require a special, pre-treatment. Wool yarn, especially the 32 / 2, we recommend that extend slightly before knitting. This is done as follows. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info. With purchased skein etiketku removed and leveled him. Filament yarn on a reel separated auxiliary thread (usually cotton white). Interposition thread can not be removed, otherwise the yarn in the wash confused.

Wash skein better in the suds, not namylivaya yarn. Rinsing is recommended in water with food vinegar. A very important point in the process of washing wool, as wool, is water temperature. Cold water or hot, does not matter. Temperature leading to be the same since the beginning of washing up to the last rinse. The dried yarn clew up into small balls. Knitting yarn using multiple coils for obtain the desired thickness. To associate the mat, pick up the material and assess its color.

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