Management Research

It fits to evaluate the tool that, inserted in a organizacional culture, brings resulted specific of collaborators, either in form of departmental information or information of the proper individual. Thus, I have the expectation to analyze the SharePoint tool, demonstrating through 0 variable as; to collect, to share information, communications, documents, to develop business-oriented ideas, planejamentos, and at the same time to receive information from members of the team through research on-line you personalized, will follow tasks and subjects with personalized lists. The changes that can present with the implantation and adequate use of the same one to favor the Management of the Knowledge by means of the contribution tool, SharePoint 2007. The idea is to unmask if the model tax for the tool really favors in the Management of the Knowledge and if the same one contributes in stages of the informacional and organizacional flow of the institutions. One of the main arguments for the tool it is the fact of it to allow, beginning, the access of a bigger number of users of an internal net. These will be able, certainly, to change information in clearer, fast and efficient way. For if dealing with a tip technology? where the product is being used currently at the same moment that we are arguing in research course? the national scientific community is primordial already to have contributions with subjects and elaboration of research being approached the subject. The methodology adopted for evolution of the research through the experience of the use of the tool of contribution Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and its practical applications of sharing of the knowledge in technology companies.

2. MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE the identification of a globalizado and competitive market took the companies to search forms of if differentiating and becoming sustainable and competitive. The traditional economy only kept orientation with the resources that entered and the products that leave. .

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