Robotic Vision Applied

1. INTRODUCTION 1,1 History of the Robotics Since the primrdios of our generation the man comes creating things or objects to facilitate its day-by-day, developing tools to hunt, to prepare and to cultivate its foods, tools to defend itself, and for construction of its homes, rationing its time to be able thus investiz it in other activities or so that its work, and its life if become more easy, and that they satisfy its habits. With the discovery of the fire and the invention of the wheel, the man comes each time more evolving in its creations. We can cite a great growth and evolution of this with the development of weapons in the civilization Greek, and great mechanisms in the medieval age, after many years with the creation of scheme vapor for James Watt in 1769 for which this was an important handspike in the progress of industrial automation in the world, after these great ones you scheme and evolved mechanisms each time more comes being servant, to facilitate, to improve and to give more quality in the productive processes..

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