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So far, no single method was invented by a survey of buildings damaged by earthquakes, and every expedition to survey fulfills its purpose. However, the goals of this work in the construction industry are clear and there is a determining the factors that affect the behavior of buildings during an earthquake – the instrumental record, subsoil characteristics, geometry and strength characteristics of the plant and its parts. When an construction production is very important in the study of present damage to their full designation and identify their causes: the main shock, aftershocks or exploitation. It is also important to get specific information about the structure that showed little damage. To do this stroitelnomproizvodstve constitute a certain form with photographs of the object and its parts.

Need to fill in a questionnaire study goals after the push, in which the construction production records: Records disaster, the characterization of the device, the coordinates of the epicenter, the subject position of construction industry and the distance to the next station, characterization ground, the height of groundwater; strain, which appeared as a result of past incidents and strong measures taken to resolve them; Strength properties of materials sampling, a detailed picture of all the damage and their photographic images, the life of the building; full report on the state structures. When building production is to be calculated on the seismic effects; identified empirically, since fluctuations in land dynamic characteristics of structures with the record, if there are shared in the same, the same values obtained prior to tectonic movements, brief description and photographic images of conventional structures (fences, pipes, sculptures, lamps, etc.) located near the building; results of the observations in the first place, the objects of construction, which revealed only minor damage or completely preserved, with the results describe the construction, in need of repair, reconstruction, and those who do not fix it. In addition, when construction is carried out production, in a separate document specifies an estimated cost of repair or reconstruction. The role of network Engineering Services seismometric in assessing damage to buildings in Russia to ensure the safety of building production created two organizations: Essno – single office of seismic observations and ISS Engineering and seismic-monitoring service for buildings and structures. These services are designed to complement the construction industry one after another. Essno staffed by many stations across the country, and its purpose are monitoring the ground motion during earthquakes for seismic zoning uluchscheniya in the construction industry.

Modern Construction

Many believe that the construction of wood quality is inferior concrete or brick structures. This is not really correct. Wooden structures are practical, environmentally friendly and reliable. Modern Building technologies make it possible to build wooden frames that match the high performance and meet the necessary standards. The main core beams wooden structures are attached by means of plates, brackets, hooks. In addition to the integral of the tree can use to glue wood made. Typically, the rack holds three meters, and sometimes – on six meters.

By design adds beams, which are placed on beams. Overcoming the wind load is achieved by exploiting the steel escarpments. Wooden structure in the aggregate surface plating vynlyadit the most durable and stable. In addition to structures of wood widely known design of plastic. Note that the plastic construction has an impact on design quality indicators, which depend both on the technology of its production, and on its design. Thus, the design had to be built simultaneously with the analysis of its workability. It should be noted that in some cases, incorrect actions, which may occur in product development, it is difficult change the structure of the choice of the form.

Plastic construction needs to ensure rational distribution terms of the material in the form defined definition of production, reduction of internal stress series manufacturing. It is now widely known as the construction of wood and plastic construction. However, everywhere you can see products made of fiberglass. Why not? Because this material is safe, he is responsible hygiene certificates. Sell FRP is being implemented a number of companies. This material is used in many industries. Sell fiberglass currently dastigaet high level because of its properties: the material does not resist corrosion, decay and the impact of ultra-violet radiation. Thermal stability of glass is between sixty degrees to one hundred and seventy degrees.

Texture Paint

Impregnation penetrates the wood, giving it color, while leaving the visible image layers. They have a strong antiseptic effect and protects the wood for at least four years. They can also be cover wood floors before you put a parquet lacquer. Impregnation intended to be used inside or outdoors. When applied they act as a primer to prepare the surface for application of the following layers. Sometimes wooden objects dipped in the impregnation, so it is completely impregnated them.

To protect and extend the life of the treated surface impregnated floor or walls in addition varnish or wax. Co. many of impregnation in the production process adding funds, prevents mold, and pigments that are resistant to the action of ultraviolet light. Among the special properties of the impregnation can also be called water-repellent and stain-resistant properties. For more information see Xcel Energy. Such impregnation treated wood surfaces saunas.

With the hydrophobic effect, they are absolutely harmless to humans. On sale are the following types of impregnation. Acrylic. They are water soluble and acts as a binder in which acrylic resin. They are encouraged to cover unprocessed timber indoors. Drying time – about an hour. Alkyd. Their binder – alkyd resin and solvent – solvent or alcohol. About 24 hours drying time. Oil. Their main component – flaxseed oil. They are recommended for use outside buildings. Dries for about two days. Attention! Color can be impregnated cover as plaster, concrete, brick or primed metal. This is done in order to equalize the little nuances of wood and located next to the materials. For the repair of the apartment faced the same problem: as the wall to equalize themselves, there are still many small irregularities. In addition, due to the fact that repairs are almost done in plaster in winter there are many small cracks, probably due to the fact that the plaster layer dried at relatively low temperatures, (flat on the ground floor heating – not very). This was compounded by the inner wall, made of chipboard. After removing the old wallpaper clearly become peer joints between the docked chipboard that did not succeed with putty, so that they no longer evident. A little thought, we decided to apply textured paint to show creativity:) And even though experience with these paints were not, still decided to try it. Textured acrylic paint for walls and a thick layer of painted all the walls. Of roller, evenly distributing the paint. Moreover, it is important that the paint layer deposited in one motion roller. In this case, the paint falls flat, even layer. In general, working with acrylic paint – a pleasure. No odor, dries quickly if it got dirty – it is easy to wash off. Due to the fact that the paint on wall densely placed, all the small bumps, cracks and seams are very well camouflaged. Neboolshie difficulties were with the choice of colors. The fact that the color texture of paint, when it nanesesh to the surface, a few changes after how it dries – it becomes lighter, and – significantly lighter, and it should be borne in mind if kombiniruesh several colors. That's thanks to textured paint we managed to hide all the imperfections and shortcomings of the walls. And given what color of paint chosen a very buoyant, the overall impression of the apartment – zerr gud:)

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