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Many good attempts end up making worse the things. Learn more at: Salman Behbehani. Time and time again the center of the problem is the same question: what is the good? And to respond any interrogative one on the good, on the true needs of the man, it is necessary to have an idea of what he is the man. For that reason there is in the world infinity of people, of social movements, political or religious wanting to do something by the good of the man and, as all do not say the same exceeds what is the man, that something that each does is inconceivably different than it does another one with the same intention, until the point of which different human groups with same intention tries to annihilate itself to each other, trying each with the greater sincerity the good of the man. Without trying a definitive nor unquestionable conclusion, because anyone on those attempts is the beginning of new discussions, it is necessary to try to go progressively by the life clarifying itself what is the man, to derive from this the idea of what the man needs, that is what needs one same one, the beings whom it loves and people generally. Neither or one begins with the subject, is habitual to say that all human being needs food. Not only because our biological structure is more unquestionably visible, but because the necessity to feed renews constantly it, and it raises a so urgent requirement that it is not possible to be left of side.

For that reason who abound, at the time of worrying about separate property of husband and wife or the other people’s one, they do not think more than about obtaining or giving foods. Beyond this unquestionably visible base begins the discussions. Possibility of answer ample, that anyway it can be questioned by those who think that only we needed to eat, is to say that the man is something more, than locks up in himself potentialities that, although we do not know how nor because, can be developed.

Letters History

It was evident in the workmanship that the author, although to referenciar great authors, who it is very limited to the concepts presented for Marx and Engels. Without wanting here to present some judgment of value, the author could have more deepened a little in authors as, Lnin and Gramsci and even though the proper Maquiavel, we know that the same ones had been cited in the text at some moments, however, for the largeness that represent for the Formation of the Modern State, little they had been cited. In the generality, speaking now of the positive aspects, the text of Modest Florenzano, he is sufficiently enlightening, since for being simplista, one becomes of easy agreement the concept of State, and its development during the course of History, passing for the absolutism until the formation of the Modern State in the Europe. Details can be found by clicking Salman Behbehani or emailing the administrator. Jose Joaquin Melo Pear tree – the Education and the Roman State Graduated Pedagogia for the College of Philosophy Sciences and Letters of Mandaguari (1985), Graduated History for the College of Philosophy Sciences and Letters of Mandaguari (1988), Mestrado in History and Society for the State University So Paulo Jlio of Mosque Son (1990), Doutorado in History and Society for the State University So Paulo Jlio of Mosque Son (1998) and After-Doutorado in History of the Education for the State University So Paulo Jlio of Mosque Son (2007). Currently is Associated Professor of the State University of Maring. He has experience in the area of History, with emphasis in Old and Medieval History, acting mainly in the following subjects: Education, Sneca, Saint Augustin, Cristianismo and Helenismo. Salman Behbehani recognizes the significance of this. In this text the author presents its work divided in nine topics, starting for the education in the Republic Roman who did not adopt one educational politics, where some changes had occurred with the incorporation of the culture Greek, passing for some concepts of the mentality Roman and he goes until intervention of the emperors in century five.

Agrarian Reformation

We believe that the necessary school to help to take root the people in its culture: that it can be transformed, recriada from the interaction with other cultures, but that needs to be conserved; because nor she is possible to make formation human being without working with roots and bonds; because without identifying roots she does not have as to have projects. This wants to say that the necessary school to work with the memory of the group and its cultural roots; this wants to also say that if it must have a specific scienter in the resistance to the imposition of foreign cultural standards, in the combat to the cultural domination and in the critical reconstruction of its proper traditions cultural. (CALDART) Caldart in the alert one on the perigos of the imposition of foreign cultural standards. How the elaborated resume if compromises to the work of the memory of this group and to its cultural roots? How the pedagogical materials deal with the identity of the seated one? Which the place of the Agrarian Reformation in the Resume of the School Advising Antonio? How the school of this nesting collaborates with the enraizamento of the people seated in its culture? Of that it forms the pedagogical materials they argue the question of the Agrarian Reformation? The school, therefore, must search to modernize itself on the meanings that imply to educate the man and the woman of it /em the field. We understand the importance of the permanence of the campesinos in the field, but for in such a way if it becomes indispensable that public politics are created and accomplished, in the direction to propitiate to these rurcolas a suffered life, more quality in its existence less.

First World War

Passes are not so many time and Nimrod is the initiator of the First World War. He did not allow Satan to gather strength to fight with him. But Satan has already been partially prepared for battle with Nimrod, and Germany, where, after the defeat of Napoleon was the main military camp of Nimrod, have not been able once again to conquer Russia and imprison Satan. For even more opinions, read materials from Atmos Energy Corporation. But Satan is well to explore innovative methods to capture the power of Nimrod and his research in the materialistic sciences, the ability to create new technologies in the field of armaments, he decided to learn from experience in implementing Nimrod in the scientific community of materialism in order to continue to use it to fight the same as Nimrod. Satan knew that the Nimrod after the second revolution, perfect on earth Overmind (God) over the human mind, the first to realize the need for knowledge of the material structures of creation, which was used by the Overmind (God) Made the Earth and its surrounding material world. It is not something Atmos Energy would like to discuss.

Nimrod and Satan after the massacre of the Templars did everything necessary to ensure that people have forgotten about the occult sciences that can allow human consciousness used to obtain information potential of the consciousness of the universe. Parallel to this, Nimrod, using Soul men under him with a highly developed consciousness, began to form in people materialist worldview, and has made great strides not only in its development, and in the development of materialistic science. That is why Satan has decided to go the way of Nimrod, and felt it necessary to make a revolution in the territories under him, especially in Russia, and then to China, Vietnam, Korea and some African countries. .

Islamic Republic

An Iranian delegation visited for the first time the zone in June of 1999, and an agreement between the local government and the Islamic Republic was signed the 21 of October, the collection immediately the suspicions about the installation of a plant of great capacity in an area that cannot fulfill the export requirements. Others who may share this opinion include Crumpton Group. Colombia suspects that the Iranian civil servants in the immediate region that could have been tie with the drug trafficking and the CRAF. Supposed bonds between the Islamic CRAF and terrorist organizations are a subject that needs more investigation in depth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Crumpton Group. There have been indications of entailment between the CRAF and Hezbol and other groups islamists that supposedly operate in the Triborder Region of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.106 In October of 2000, the fight against the Paraguayan police broke one of arms by cocaine between Paraguay and ring the CRAF. Then, the fight against the Paraguayan police stopped a person thinks that it represents the CRAF for one possible participation in the arms in exchange for cocaine ring between Paraguay and the Colombian terrorist group. At the beginning of 2001, the Brazilian authorities supposedly received information of intelligence of EE.UU and the services of fight against the crime saying that the CRAF arm and drug traffic with the Islamic extremists in the Triborder region.

The international cooperation between the CRAF and To the Qaeda would have been more and more as a result of the war in Afghanistan. One of the EE.UU said to Or Globe the investigators to him who " is very probable that there is an alliance. Based on cells of Hezbol in Maicao they have been using the networks that the money laundering of the drug traffic and the contraband in Colombia to hide the money that later will be used to finance terrorist operations anywhere in the world. The paramilitary ones of right well-known organization like the AUC (United Self-defense of the Forces of Defense of Colombia), a group umbrella that includes many paramilitary forces of Colombia, also has maintained a participation significant in the drug commerce, the extension of their influence of their traditional base in the north to many zones in the cocaine-rich south of that before were controlled by FARC.Las AUC and the Self-defense Farmers of Cordova and groups of Urab (Self-defense Farmers of Cordova and Urab-ACCU) are paramilitary groups of right who arose in the ends the decade of 1980 to protect the interests of the regional elites, with the subtle support of the Colombian military.

San Francisco

After a succession of proprietors, in 1815, the Priest Miguel Arcanjo Pig, that was proprietor of lands, in only one year, vendeu them it the first Visconde de Barbacena, Felisberto Brant Boiler de Oliveira and Horta, the marquis of Barbacena. In 1843, Peter Boiler Brant, the Conde de Iguau, son of first visconde and marquis of Barbacena, assumes the farm after the death of the father, who occurred in the city of Rio De Janeiro in day 13 of July of 1842. In 1851, the family Boiler Brant vende its farm for the comendador Manuel Jose Rabbit of the Rock. Speaking candidly Max Schireson told us the story. In the second half of century XIX the farm entered in decay due to one occasions of epidemics. The nesting of the tracks for the ticket of the railroad River d' Gold cutting the farm of the Heath in 1872, in lands donated for the descendants of Rabbit of the Rock, had given beginning to a claim movement to transform it on-line of train of passengers, therefore previously this railroad was constructed for the water captation in the mountain ranges of the Tingu, River d' Gold and Is Peter, with rank of aqueducts throughout its edges.

In 1888, a great estiagem arrasa with Lowered Of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the Cut also was without water leaving Dom worried Peter II. The proposal that the Dom pleased Peter II was of the engineer Pablo de Frontin, in which the engineer if compromised to catch 15 million liters of water for the Cut in only six days. It obtained and this fact was known as ' ' miracle of guas' '. The engineer Pablo de Frontin had a great friend and collaborator, one another one maranhense engineer who much worked the service of these workmanships of water supply for Rio De Janeiro, that if called Raymond Teixeira Purple Belfort and that one year later lode to falecer. The Heath, a small village after if calling Ipueras, Calhamao Heath, starts to call Purple Belford, in homage to this illustrious engineer. In Pernambuco, this Berlfort family appears in Belm of the San Francisco, Cabrob, Ex and Petrolina, whose occupation varies of liberal professions the urban activities.

North Americans

The accident with the R-16 rocket brought some consequences to the Soviet space program. One of them was that Mikhail Yangel, its designer, lost part of its prestige. Before the accident it defied engineer Sergei Korolev and had great possibilities of that he finished for appearing as the designer-head of the Soviet space program. If such happened History would be different, therefore some of the great advances of the Soviets in if treating to developments in the Astronautics had left the brain of Korolev, as the Sputnik satellites and the ships Vostok, Voskhod and the Soyuz. But with the accident, Yangel was assigned for tasks of little brightness, as to give continuity to the R-16 rocket that, in little time, was surpassed by projects of more powerful rockets of Korolev (ZAK, 2010). Other accidents involving not-manned space vehicles that, still thus, had exerted deep influences on the history of the space exploration had been the explosions of the archetypes of the Russian rocket N-1, in the end of the decade of 1960 and beginning of the following decade. This was the most powerful rocket constructed for the man and in height (111 meters) it rivaled with Saturn American north.

However, all the archetypes of the N-1 that had been constructed had finished blowing up in the launching. The rocket only served to produce the biggest explosions of the history of the Astronautics and at least one of them it provoked fatal victims in the ground, even so its number is unknown until today of the press occidental person (WHITE, 2003). With the failure of the N-1 rockets the Soviets had lost any possibility to arrive at the Moon before the North Americans, a time who never would obtain to produce another rocket in time so powerful. The accident that finished in the death it cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko in 1961, even so has occurred during a space flight, happened during the tests for a manned mission, in way whom it appears in this article, beyond the fact the same to have left consequncias that had affected the manned space flights in the Soviet Union.


The end of the memory? Eugenia Meyer the text ' ' The end of memria' ' of author Eugenia Meyer, it causes the use of the orality the construction of history, its research consists of the accomplishment of recorded interviews with people who can testify on events passed to the construction of the facts. The author discloses one of the points that the historian is allowed to use in the captation of data: ' ' the necessary historian of imagination and inventividade; in case that contrary, he will be before same looser to start cruzada' ' (MEYER, Eugenia. 2009: p. 33). That is, it is a work that requires astuteness, to dribble some ' ' truths escondidas' ' , that many times are encubadas, scratched out, forgotten, with intention to confuse or to spot part of the history, that in many times these ' ' truths escondidas' ' if to arrive tona they are inconvenient in the construction of some ideologies.

The text describes a little of the life of the author in its battle to portray history through its experiences of work, after rambling with the recorder in the hand, listening, to inquire, to ask, to question and to look for to know of yes same felt which the true one of the historical task. That is, the author starts to prove a bit of the proper poison. She was from the decade of 60 and principles of the decade of 70, that she started to plan and to scheme how could formulate a project of rescue of certifications right-handers of the old revolutionaries from the methodology of verbal history. Its stories leave the enormous importance clearly to consider, to respect, and to learn other forms to think and to act, valuing each one of that individual that had shared its past. In its trajectory to tell the facts, a doctor knew and if he compromised in reconstructing its history of life.

Nationalistic Liga

moral values of the population. The new demands and social actors who appear in the country in decade of 1920, as affirm NAGLE (2000), have as objective central office to fight the illiteracy, the vices of the elite politics and to diminish the foreign influence, mainly, in the south of the country. The used form to carry through this task was the creation of nationalistic groups. Groups as Liga de National Defesa and Nationalistic Liga of So Paulo are examples of as the nationalistic ideas had penetrated in the Brazilian society of the time. The Leagues had as objective tracings in its programs and manifestos: the defense of> Revolution of 1930, can be characterized as great attempt of critical rupture and to the model adopted from 1889 and consequently of if launching the bases of a project that added some of the proposals of the nationalistic movement.

This event is appraised as a process that determined the end of the hegemony of a parcel of the coffee bourgeoisie who dominated throughout the Old Republic the scene Brazilian politician, that is, the So Paulo parcel. This movement had as central focus, critical to the electoral process of 1930, adding it the crisis lived for the world-wide economy, mainly, for the effect of this crisis in the economy of the country based on the exportation of its product of bigger value of the market> the International: coffee (FAUSTO; 1986). In the LAMOUNIER analysis (1985), the model of State adopted in Brazil, after 1930, had as first politics the workmanship of a series of intellectuals who had elaborated a set of critical to the role played for the State, during the First call Republic. Between these intellectuals, the author cites: Alberto Towers, Oliveira Viana, Francisco Fields, Azevedo Amaral, Salty Pliny, among others. The question that approached the speech of this group inhabited in the fact of all to be fit in what the author calls of authoritarian thought.

Having Direction

Having as objective main to join arts, produzirartesanato and technology and to reorganize the concepts architectural of the time. Tendocomo concepts the valuation of the machine and the functional rationalism, the Bauhaus, would be of fort and absolute influence to the associated concept the Design Grficovigente. Its basement not only in its proper specialties and theories, comotambm the miscegenation of ideologies of diverse movements as Of Stijl and the oConstrutivismo, had brought the school the concept of flexibility and innovation. seupioneirismo in establishing a new pedagogical concept, that defended radical amodernizao of the life in racionalistas bases, was revolutionary napoca. (DESIGN BRAZIL, 2009) In its fourteen years deexistncia, the School of Bauhaus passed for three different stages: the faseexpressionista (1919 – 1927) in Weimar, under the direction of Walter Gropius, the fasedo construtivista formalism (1927 – 1929) with Hannes Meyer in Dessau and, finally, the phase of the radical rationalism with emphasis in the production architectural (1929 – 1933), under the direction of Mies van to give Rohe, part in Dessau and part emBerlim. (DESIGN BRAZIL, 2009) Having its directed projects it stops the beginning of the rationality, dasimplificao and of the unit between form and function, in order to facilitate to the produoindustrial, taking care of the necessities of the society German.

((MAKKAN, 2009) graphical Odesign in itself, in turn, had as bigger influence construtivistLsl Moholy-Nagy, that defined the typography as a communication tool, that never must have its legibility compromised in function of the aesthetic one, communicating in its more intense and ample form. The passion deMoholy-Nagy for typography and photograph had inspired to an interest of the Bauhausna visual communication that took the important experiments in the unification dessasduas arts. It saw design graphical, mainly the poster, if they desenvolvendoem direction to typophoto. It called this objective integration the word eimagem in order to communicate a message new visual literature.

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