The Germans

The action was fast and necessary, leaving the Polish forces without conditions to resist. Ahead of the unexpected attack, the Polish generals had not had time to plan one against attack, without counting that the German forces were in bigger number. After more than twenty days of the beginning of the invasion, the Polish commanders they signed the surrender. The Poland left to exist as Been independent. He was considered an attached territory to Germany, whose inhabitants would have simply to work for the Germans.

From there in ahead, it was initiated superexprorao of man power of Jewish, Polish workers and other etnias. The famous concentration camps were also born, where Jewish and opposing of the nazistas they were interned. Later, it was applied politics of ' ' solution final' ' , that is, the pure and simple elimination of the Jews. (TOTA, 2007, P. 364) After the conquest of the Poland, Hitler advanced on the Denmark and the Norway (great steel producer, raw material essential to support the machine of nazista war), finally to turn itself against the occidental powers.

1.3 The INVASION OF FRANCE to attack France, Hitler needed to exceed an extensive line of blockhouses, with armories, underground deposits, railway lines hardwired and shelters for the army, that it was in the border between the two countries, the Maginot Line. The blockhouse would protect the Frenchmen of possible attacks or at least it would give time to the army to prepare its strategy of defense. The task would be very difficult and the German forces would be very consumed for a war with England. Here it is that the Plan Manstein, a copy of the famous Schlieffen Plan appears, that consisted of attacking France for the north, invading Belgium and dominating the coast French to isolate the France of England. The Germans, following the Manstein Plan, had come skirting the Maginot line, penetrating in the region forests of the Ardenas, where the nineth army, inferior to excessively if had fixed to protect the region.

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