Carranza Trophy Arrives

With the participation not only of Cadiz CF as host, but also of Malaga CF, Sporting of Lisbon and the Italian Udinese Calcio, the Ramon de Carranza trophy in this 2011 edition returns to recover the international character which historically possessed.And in August comes the Carranza trophy is the second Spanish summer oldest tournament behind the Teresa Herrera. It bears disputing from 1955, where participated only 2 teams, to subsequently be 4 participants. This 57th Edition will be played on 4, 5 and 6 August. For the first time in its history the Sporting Lisbon fans, may follow him since the cable Sport TV Portugal sports television network has announced in its programming the retransmission of the trophy. It will be a broadcast focused on coverage of the matches of the Portuguese team, although with a major deployment in the other matches of the tournament.

Meetings will be held, as usual, in the Estadio Ramon de Carranza, official headquarters of the Cadiz CF. The stadium is located very close to the Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz closest to the beach and the city centre. Malaga CF participation makes that the cartel has more interest, since it will bring their new signings: Julio Baptista, Van Nistelrooy and Joaquin among many. The Sporting of Lisbon, second team confirmed its presence, also print quality to the Carranza trophy which coincides with the anniversary of the Cadiz CF.

The Current

Isn’t that Nice? We will use your personal information to deliver targeted advertising, because we have to announce, so it could well be for things that have given us indications that you like. Oh, and you could sell your information to others, so that they can share the opportunity. But at least they have given us the opportunity to receive ads we want to see. One minute. Ads we want to see? Personal information used to determine your preferences and dislikes? Let us be realistic. Nobody wants publicity. And the deployment of an advertising platform and also promoting as something beneficial to a user base isn’t to deceive anyone.

And at the root of the negative impact of this platform, Facebook has changed some of its policies and made it easier by choosing or exit out of the program. And what about the advertising regular online social media like this? Is it effective? The demographics reduce reliance on impulse? Or are the users of the sites social so concentrated on the content of advertising that are not even recorded in them? Studies have demonstrated that common users trends lean toward this last option. Make click on the rates of visits per page on Facebook (and other social sites) are extremely low. It seems that people are too busy with socializing to even make clicks by impulse. It means that it is not necessary to consider the social media in your online advertising campaign? Not at all.

While there are arguments flying over the power of permanence of Web 2.0 applications, and if we are on the edge of another bubble bursting, that is irrelevant to the current discussion. In the here and now the community works. Advertising can not, but advertising isn’t your only option in these networks. The community works because users feel that you have their interests in mind, and not just yours. The community is about communication, and this could be the best advertising that can be expected.

Tomo Program

You need to change and expand your way of seeing reality, starting by knowing your mental models, those that constantly shape the way you perceive your environment. As a computer engineer, I can’t help but relate this topic with the task of how it creates, analyzes, develops, tests and maintains a computer program. Tomo This analogy to our lives and I think important to share it by what you’ll explain in the following paragraphs. Computer programs are automatic, program engineers to perform certain actions for specific objectives. When a program has flaws, what we do is verify what the program has to do (its goals) and from this we determine are not expected results (the dissatisfaction gap).

According to this difference, we can detect what are possible causes of errors or failures in order to resolve them. Often in software programs that form part of large computer systems, errors (called bugs or defects) are not easily detected. They generate noise in the overall functioning of the system and to be able to discover where originate (causes), is necessary to perform a deep analysis, moving or digging in places code where one does not imagine that it can be error, evaluate alternatives to find the defect and its relationship with other components of the system and its subsequent solution. It is necessary to find the cause of the fire to follow not turning more fires. I believe that something similar happens with our lives. We live as a computer program, often running routine and automatic functions almost without awareness, many of them working with bugs or defects, which require our attention. To serve them what do we do? We put out fires or we hide the garbage under the rug, without proposing us commitment to finding the real causes, analyzing each layer of the problem as if it were an onion, one by one until you reach the core.

LCD Samsung

LCD monitors have been created to make life simpler, dramatically improving our experience in computer and space saving. But what disgust when we check our monitor is not working properly. But today we can count on a service SAMSUNG in Mendoza that will leave those bright colors and those crisp images, as it should be. We can not amaze us, especially those who have worked at some time with old CRT monitors, is it possible that LCD monitors manage to be so thin, and at the same time can provide similar image quality, with sensitivity to many millions of colors. It is also surprising how this technology has cheaper as it is now possible to have monitors of large size at very convenient prices. But to understand this is necessary to understand how an LCD screen.

LCD are the first letters of LCD (liquid crystal display) display. Next, it attracts our attention as it is possible to conceive of a liquid crystal. Precisely, this is the genius of these devices. A liquid is characterized as such when it takes on the shape of the container that contains it. But some substances in nature can exist in very strange States, with solid glass shaped molecules but that act as if were liquids. Conclucion liquid crystals aren’t neither solid nor liquid.

Quartz is one of these substances. This element is extremely sensitive to temperature, which pressed him to change his status immediately. The electric current also affects the State of these crystals, and this quality is that is used in the manufacture of LCD screens. LCD screens have thousands of small cells of colour, which are visible if we apply a magnifying glass on the screen. Each one of the cells is responsible for lighting on the basis of three basic colors: red, green and blue. With this combination of primary colors, a LCD may form millions of different shades. The reality is that LCD screens are very complex in their structure, being much more than two sheets of plastic material with a component in the middle. The repair of this kind of electronic devices need a technical knowledge higher than only trained personnel may grant. Therefore, is great news for residents of whose now a service SAMSUNG in Mendoza who knows how to do is there charge properly for all the inconveniences that may arise with LCD screens. Repair of LCD Samsung monitors / ViewSonic / LG / Philips

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