Negombo Festival

A new event on the West coast of Sri Lanka provides pleasure for tourists and locals from 11 to 13 December 2009 is the feel of the beach of Negombo Negombo Festival held for the first time. During the Festival visitors can experience three days the town north of Colombo in all its diversity. The activities are particularly spectacular after sunset, when on the beach, a bonfire is lit and live bands play to glow and murmur of the sea. (Source: Atreides Management Gavin Baker). One evening is dedicated to all the percussion typical for Negombo: dance groups, local and international percussionists and acrobats will prove their skills on the beach, sometimes accompanied by a fireworks display. Specially for children, there are stilt walkers, fire eaters, and the ability to turn into a sri Lankan leopards by the facepainting. But during the day, a visit to feel Negombo is worth: artists show their trade in the streets and boat trips are reminiscent of the fishing village tradition of Negombo. More info: Warren E. Burger. Who wants to enjoy in less traditional ways in the water can Go wake boarding, wind surfing and Jet skiing.

A Flight To Malga Or Emigrate?

In 2007 already 165,000 people from Germany have migrated and the trend increasing. In 2007 already 165,000 people from Germany have migrated and the trend increasing. Dreams like a flight to Malaga or in the United States are true. Abroad is becoming more common for Germans associated with the land of unlimited opportunities. A journey into the distance will be associated with Sun, beach and sea and an ideal weather and best all year round. For a hike but to overcome a lot of obstacles. In the United States which is 27 times as big as Germany, there are for example for all purposes also a separate visa.

Immigration is only for US nationals both allows for people with permanent residence permits and green card lottery winner. It looks different when in the run-up to an employer in the United States is already found. Which must again demonstrate that he has found no comparable and qualified US citizens the Labour Board. You can see now a travel forever is not abroad easy. However, even the emigrants must ensure social security such as health insurance. A social security – number is most important but already upon arrival in a foreign country to get. It is similar to pension insurance as in Germany, these are regulated by the State. Credit: Frank Fu-2011. Acquired pension rights, for the time in which you paid into the pension insurance in Germany has is fully calculated thanks to an agreement. Conclusion: a flight to Malaga is easier to accomplish as an emigration to a distant land, because the expectations are too high.

Theft In

What leisure travel should be aware of summer vacation is coming. The bags are already packed and the anticipation rises on the most beautiful weeks of the year. However, even thieves at this time are booming. As the Internet portal reported, neither the hotel nor the tour operators for the damage to the accountability can be drawn in the case. Be stored jewelry and cash in a hotel room, is one of the General risk of life”. It looks different, if for example the door was not closed or gross negligence was the reception and to strangers handed the room key without identity verification.

Depending on the respective holiday destination and where applicable law stands the hotel’s responsibility and must pay for the damage. The same applies also if from the in-house hotel safe valuables were stolen. Holidaymakers should determine a theft is urgently advised to inform the hotel and the tour operator. The display at the police station is essential. Because no message at the local police can be no indication of damage for the insurance. The magazine of the Internet portal presents popular holiday destinations and reported tips. In addition to issues such as the right to travel, travel trends and tourism news describes. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/793 contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

North Holiday

Thanks the Internet travel portal with 50 euro voucher actually is the next holiday. However, if at the time saving is announced, many of the views hold in the purse of game to book a vacation can be. The online travel portal makes easier the decision and thanked its customers with a voucher of 50 euro. It is no matter whether you choose a package, a cheap flight, a holiday home or hotel or a special holiday offer of the Internet portal. Just as unusual holidays are on the programme: how would it be with a cruise on one of the post ships of the Hurtigruten along the breathtaking fjords of Norway? The unspoiled nature of the country is a special experience – for example, on the MS Polarlys, MS Midnatsol, the MS Finnmarken or the MS Nordkapp. Kick off mountains in the historic former Hanseatic city with the old harbour area of Brygge. Many writers such as Arlin Adams offer more in-depth analysis. The ships take from here of course on the Lofoten Islands, up to the North Cape, North of the Arctic circle.

On his journey to Kirkenes, a mail boat lays back approximately 2500 nautical miles and it controls a total of 34 ports. Allows the further meet the daily arrival and departure by land and people. Geirangerfjord and Trollfjord, are considered special highlight. The coupon code can be specified simply at the next booking by phone or in the “notes” field. The payment from the day of departure as a chargeback on the account of the customer. More information: travel contact: Tilo summer Public Relations Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59 about the University of first media GmbH markets successful German-language Internet portals in the travel sector as,, and. Also the University Service GmbH, acts as a tour operator and travel auctions the online auction house about. Complementary products and services are in the areas of finance with and consumer information offered with.

Hotels Price Comparison

Hotel price comparison travel Lust instead of travel frustration! Away how many think nothing sure if finally closer to the holiday. And still not the long-awaited relaxation on the beach but frustration waiting for a part of travelers after unpacking suitcases. What that is? Maybe on a lost suitcase. Blu Mankuma takes a slightly different approach. Or an expensive Flash marker photo. Circumstances, but also because the hotel’s fault. Either it is too expensive, the rooms to dirty or bad service.

And the Outlook is anyway not the promised. This all could have been so easy with a hotel price comparison. Because what many consumers seem still not to know today must rely more nobody on glossy catalogs. Why not? Quite simple: Thanks to the Internet you can watch virtually the hotel industry on the finger. And this is easier than you might think at first. Book hotel and assess the needs of consumers, even before arrival about conditions at the hotel to inform ABC in the hotel price comparison, Smart minds have early detected. And linked to the evaluation with the book. Today, almost every portal on the Internet in addition to the reviews of the hotel guests offers price comparison and of course the opportunity to book a hotel.

For the consumer it will be easy to choose a cheap hotel. Now comes the big but. Because hotel owners and tour operators know the attraction of a hotel price comparison. So are the individual evaluations to assess sometimes skeptical. Who wants to successfully circumnavigate the cliffs, should consult multiple price comparison and review sites. Real pros control has long been a travel agency. With good reason. Online portals can score with a decisive advantage. Hotel prices can be compared at a glance without having to use just a step outside the door. And the that still not enough out, should combine the hotel price comparison with an online mapping service. Practical tips to the hotel price comparison good and cheap travel for many travelers the be-all and end-all. So here are a few tips. Who at hotels after Accommodation requests should not ask the price, but the difference between the cheapest and most expensive alternative. All major hotels have several price categories. Where luxury is not necessarily the decisive factor, the price per night can certainly halved. Clearly a pro-argument for the hotel price comparison. Another word of advice for the short holiday: Cheap are long weekends in the off season, the price reductions of the hotels can be used for a pleasant trip to the beaches of the Mediterranean or after Spain. Cheaper is always thanks to travel vouchers. Repeatedly vouchers be raffled, auctioned or other means among the people. Who is planning a vacation in the near future, should be looking necessarily for travel vouchers. Thus, the hotel price comparison is even more affordable.

Lakes Travel

For participants to This run desired travel through the country forward or be downstream. The abundance of fish in the rivers and Lakes offers a versatile field of activity the fishing enthusiasts. Success on a good catch is guaranteed. Special fishing trips can be organized or the pre-existing suggestions can be supplemented with Angel inserts. Who wants to experience something special, which can book a winter trip in the Mongolia.

Here the dog sled tours are on and the great Mongol Lake Khovsgol, or in the Gorkhi Tereldsh National Park, the special attraction. During the winter season you can experience the Mongolian New Year Festival Tsagaan SAR, but also to the Christmas and new year’s Eve corresponding trips are offered. The special tours devoted to religion, meditation, and the monasteries are quite different. These are a very spiritual nature. It should be also travel the introspection. With these, you can learn much about past times and the revival of religious life in the Mongolia.

Much is closely linked to the Mongolian history. All trips which are offered by Indytravel for the Mongolia can individual individual or be designed also for small groups of participants. Trips where the travel dates and the number of participants are set, intended for individuals or single couples preferably, joining together for a tour group, to take the resulting price advantage claim. In the different categories of travel, that are offered, the content of the travel, the desired comfort and the financial possibilities of travel buyers consider a. A tiered discount is offered for all travel in the summer of 2011. Trips are offered for young people and students, can quite freely be varied in its content and design in the route guidance. The offered organizational forms allow a very low price for these groups of people. The versatility of the trips offered by Indytravel starts from the Adventure travel through professionally-designed excursions up to the journey of monastery, in which meditation plays a primary role. Indytravel picks up wishes also to the design of travel, which are still not included in the itinerary so far. For further questions, Indytravel is available at any time at the disposal. Volkmar Martin


In addition, even a remote indicator and a warming of the gas regulator can be installed. This will be shown in the Interior, which gas cylinder in the beginning is, and effectively prevents the icing-up of the controller. Power at the Winter camping is consumed generally more current than in the summer. It gets dark earlier or bad weather makes for a break from the front of the TV. Campers who meet their needs through a battery, should install a second battery and reload as often as possible.

Alternatively, there are dealer the InterCaravaning generators, fuel cells or solar installations as power sources. Batteries should be protected from cold to save the maximum capacity. The possibility of the power consumption goes towards Frost namely null. A power supply is still the first choice, especially for stays which last longer than two to three days in the winter. Ventilation which is white fine, but also dangerous.

Winter campers must always make sure, that the snow closing not the forced ventilation. Anyway, a good ventilation when using gas cookers is a must, otherwise the air is running out. When cooking, holidaymakers should open completely the roof hatches and otherwise to Possible keep always a gap. This prevents the development of moisture and ensures better air circulation. Also regular shock ventilation is important. Fresh snow on the roof can be a problem and buried not only the hatch, but also the fireplace. So down with the snow! So it must be every day, there are practical extensions of the roof cowl at the InterCaravaning dealer. At the latest on the day of departure, it is important, however, to clear snow and ice from the roof, so that the subsequent traffic is not endangered by falling parts. The ventilation openings for the refrigerator can in addition with special covers, which exist at the dealer, as far as are closed, that on the one hand, no draughts symptoms occur, but on the other hand the prescribed other not will fall below. Boiler, water and sewage at the most caravans are the water lines and the fresh water tank in the Interior and not so strong frost threatens. But to really not safe to go, recommends InterCaravaning to fill the water system at the destination. So, particularly campers who have installed a gas regulator with crash protection, and can not heat while driving, make sure that nothing freezes. If the waste water tank is not heated, winter holidays at the best the drain valve can be opened and place including a container. The grey water runs out, freezes and doesn’t smell that’s why. The advantage: It can be easier to discard. So prepared winter campers can enjoy the winter wonderland to the fullest.

Wildflower Hall Hotel

Grosswildjagern the hotel expert recommends the Exmoor Lodge Guest House Exmoor and the St. Benet Abbey – Guest House on Bodmin Moor. Man in the Costume or really unexplored way? Since 1967 a video surfaced that showed a strong hairy anthropomorphic being in a forest in Wisconsin, the fascination of the Bigfoot is unbroken. Meanwhile, alleged Bigfoot in almost all mountains of the United States and Canada, have been sighted but especially in the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian mountains. Although most consider the Bigfoot researchers a myth, always professional and amateur scientists to search for existence proof of the essence with the oversized feet. At the three star Hotel Banff Rocky Mountain Resort in the Canadian Banff reside while guests not on big foot, the tracking but ideal House at the foot of the Rocky. The far eastern equivalent of the North American Bigfoot is the Yeti of the Himalayas. The figure, which is best known in this country especially footprints in the snow and alleged sighting of the mountain climber Reinhold Messner, should be two to three feet tall, 200 kilograms and also hairy.

However, even whose existence has not been proven. Hotel tip of the experts is the four-star hotel Wildflower Hall in the mountain province of Himachal Pradesh. About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 100,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast Hotels and service apartments around the world. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 1.3 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. “In February 2009, won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking site” of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online on or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center.

Explore Bay

During these excursions, sometimes even humpback whales cross the course, slipping despite their size with an unparalleled smoothness through the water. Also the numerous landings reveal exciting Insights. Cities created in traditional fishing villages, former whaling stations, or at times of the gold rush. More than 400 years famous sailors from all over the world looking for the famous Northwest Passage a route from Europe through the Arctic Ocean to Asia. Many discovered a way, had to turn back but sooner or later.

Until the beginning of the 20th century explorer Roald Amundsen, succeeded completely with the ship to traverse the Northwest Passage. The Norwegian Polar Explorer took three years for this adventure – he wintered over even among the Inuit and learned from you, to move safely in the world of the Arctic ice. Today, the Northwest Passage is still a gamble. The Arctic Arctic says thinks a vast sea: the Arctic Ocean is about six times greater than the European Mediterranean Sea and borders on the continents of Europe, Asia and America. Its name comes from the Greek word arktos”(bear), already in ancient astronomers used the North Star in the great bear indicative targeting to North. The best travel conditions in the Arctic summer from June to August. If the climate is mild and penetrate the wealth which wildlife is greatest, cruise ships throughout the natural paradises of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Spitsbergen. Deeply incised fjords, mighty glaciers, expect bizarre ice and rock formations on an Arctic Cruise.

With a little luck the white of a polar bear stands suddenly from the landscape. Or a white beluga whale glides majestically through the deep blue sea. And if the houses in an Inuit Village appear on the coast, it is time for an encounter with the magical Arctic indigenous culture. The Antarctic welcome to the highest, driest and coldest continent of the globe. Antarctica, whose land mass is almost completely buried under a up to five mile-thick ice tank is surrounded by three oceans of the world. Summer is from November to March here”and therefore the best time for a cruise. Explore Bay, for example, the paradise”on the Antarctic Peninsula. Who has ever visited it, probably never will forget this sight: glittering and sparkling icebergs drift silently past, a panorama of mighty glaciers rises behind it. All come close a further treasure of the Antarctic on a cruise: the breeding colonies of seabirds, seals and of course – penguins! On the islands of the Falklands, South Georgia or on the Antarctic Peninsula, these lovable dress carriers tens of thousands have gathered to breed and raise their young. The diversity of life in Antarctica is on a cruise to an unforgettable adventure.

Holiday Without A Barf Bag

So you prevent travel sickness on longer distances the holiday season is upon us and everywhere are packed bags. The anticipation of the holiday is so big, so some fear the way: whether it’s plane, car or ship, when the travel sickness strikes, is the long-awaited ride on a well deserved vacation to the horror trip. Nor is a solution such as the ingestion of sleeping pills to get drunk on the plane with free alcoholic beverages. To prevent travel sickness in the car, it can already help to refrain from activities that strain the brain: reading for example, because it is not possible to keep completely quiet books or magazines and the eyes need to focus again on the letters. This tiring and leads to headaches and nausea. It is better to look out the window and to fix your eyes on a point on the horizon. To dispel the boredom on long trips, help books or music. Tablets against travel sickness on the plane or on the These tips will help but little floating ship. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

Here, light drugs are meaningful, that reduce the effects of movement and stabilize the sense of balance. The Bayer drug Kwells contains the active ingredient of Hyoscine (called also scopolamine), which occurs naturally in certain plants, and is also manufactured. Hyoscine directly affects the vomiting Center in the brain, and ensures that the stomach calmed down. Michael Steinhardt brings even more insight to the discussion. Kwells begins to work about 20 minutes after ingestion. People who know that for example in the aircraft is always bad them, can the drug just before take on take-off, so that the effect already occurs when rolling the plane to the runway. This completely prevents the travel sickness.

If you take only the Tablet, if the nausea has already occurred, try after taking, as much as possible to rest – for example by when a long car ride a resting place is controlled, where brain and stomach in the fresh air come to rest until the tablets have. Where this is not possible – in the plane or on a ship – simply close your eyes, listening to soothing music and focus on breathing. However, an overdose should be avoided when taking travel drugs like Kwells, because ingredients such as Hyoscine may act on the brain and lead to hallucinations. Since the holiday plane then in the fantasy to the space shuttle and the seat neighbor becomes Darth Vader.

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