Thirty Years

The state uses the control of capital as half to acquire territories; the capitalist uses the control of the territory as half to accumulate capitals. The capitalist support to the state is conditional to its functioning as facilitador of the accumulation of capitals. Quotation as example China and Europe in centuries XIV-XV: while the capitalism is the great motivador of the European effort of acquired territories, China (superior technologically and very rich) does not have economic motivation to go to the Europe. The invention of the modern state occurs first in the renascentistas cities of northern Italy. Venice has a mercantile oligarchy that it controls the state power, with four basic characteristics: 1.Sistema capitalist of management of the state and the war. 2.Equilbrio of being able as a pledge of independence. Learn more at: Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center.

3.Guerras conceived as industry of protection production, autocusteadas. 4.Desenvolvimento of nets of diplomacy for maintenance of the balance. To the Italian cities they had succeeded Spain. The new military technology and the flow of wealth comings of America they had produced an enormous increase in the military expenses; the military scaling and the affirmation of the national states had created enormous conflicts and social tension; the use of the religion in the conflicts of being able increased the violence. The Joined Provinces sobressaram themselves in this scene, for being the first ones to eliminate the system of medieval government. Holland appears as hegemonic power after the War of the Thirty Years. The agreements to protect the commerce in time of war celebrated in the Peace of the Westflia had created the conditions for the expansion of the capitalism; Haia remains until today as the center of the European diplomacy. Of 1652 the 1815 have the fight between France and England for the supremacy. In the first phase both had tried to annex Holland to control its commercial nets; in the second phase of the conflicts the target is the proper dutch commercial nets; geography politics of the world-wide commerce is reorganized radically: they leave scene Portuguese, Spanish and dutch; they promote Frenchmen and English in century XVIII.

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