Wat Phra Kaew

Out of the bustle of the floating market on another popular tour, the to the Standard excursion programs in Bangkok heard: Klong Ka Cha. Instead of the stolid wide barges of the floating market tours, very narrow cars be used where only two and two people can sit side by side. You will find use as water taxis in public transport on the Klongs. The powerful motor is on a long pole, with whose help the coxswain can instantaneously lift the lively screw out of the water. In this way, the drivers on the dense traffic channels with their vehicles that frenzied bring about stunning maneuver.

Nevertheless, Klong Ka Cha is a very peaceful trip. Past the ride on small houses, goes the in the or are built into the water and on their zugekehrten the channel to verandas women do their daily work. The backyards of the endless suburbs are paradoxical way to front gardens, because the brown water is out there still the lifeblood and the artery. Little kids splashing happily in it and wave to tourists, larger rowing out in their neat uniforms to school. “Later the houses are replaced by palm groves and rice fields – the fertility of the landscape is almost empty-handed, and understood, why the Chao Phraya River or Menam the mother River” is called. Bangkok is not without this current, which flows 30 kilometres further South in the Gulf of Siam and occasionally larger ships go up to the Thai capital on their understanding. Finally the downtown in a loop of the Chao Phraya River, which offered her in the past to the South, West and North protection snuggles up, only to the East a wall had to be considered. In this loop also Bangkok’s main sights are: the great Royal Palace with Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of Repousse, and Wat Po with the giant statue of the Buddha resting.

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