What Are The Plates Of Hair

The plates of hair are an electronic device used today by most women and stylists, to smooth, shape and remove volume to the hair. They have become the best friend of a woman. Help us to save time and money to see us always spectacular at all times. So much so that its use has become essential for all and that’s why today we can find them in most households. Thanks to the advancement of technology, in the market we can find plates of all types. Ionic technology, the ceramic professionals, others are there ones that come with crystals of tourmaline, much more complex ones as the digital possessing iron tourmaline that helps moisturize hair, besides possessing ion and temperature control.

It is why it is so important that you choose the best iron between the best plates of hair from the market, remember that hair has life, and you should use the best products to him, if you don’t want to damage it. There are many women who say that planks damaged hair, so burning and many more things. Everything depends on the use you give it. Obviously you have to use a treatment before ironing you to protect your hair from heat. Many don’t know yet how to use the plates of hair, and is very easy. You must first have your hair very clean and dry.

Apply any treatment that will help you to protect hair from the heat of the iron. Split hair into parts that you need so that provide you the ironing. You’re catching strands, not very thick, and pass the plate very carefully. Remember that you must start ironing from bottom of the head. At the end you can apply liquid or spray silicone to give brightness and movement to the hair. Never forget to buy a good brand iron, because if you do nothing it is worth you beseech him with creams and treatments, if you’re going to burn with plates of poor quality. And you must not use it more than three times per week. Because the effects are visible over time, this can weaken your scalp. Remember that your hair is at stake. And it has life. Does not maltrates it with poor quality products. It good costs and last if you take care of it. Original author and source of the article.

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