The new program was presented as accomplishment of the desire of a more critical, dynamic, participativa History, finishing, thus, with linear, mechanist, etapista, positivista, factual and heroic History. The quarrels had led to the option for a History that must be rescued while science, that possesss an object and a proper method of study, and that the education of this science requires a new method and a new vision of its content. (FONSECA, 2006, p.62) and form is of this that this structuralized the workmanship History of Amazon, where it is divided in seven units and thirteen chapters, where each one of these units and chapters has varies folloied iconography of its respective legends, that are not there only with a illustrative or distrativo character, but yes, as one forms to consider questionings and quarrels through its you analyze. Beyond showing to the end of each I capitulate a complementary reading of a document or text, to visualize indications of reading concerning the contents of each chapter and activities complementary that they help in the education process learning of History. Finally, although to be a workmanship with the limitations imposed for the educational politics of the State it is of great value to not only have significant the historical knowledge concerning the History of Amazon, but also, concerning the Amaznia in accordance with the world vision proposal for its author. Source: SAINTS, Francisco Jorge of.

History of Amazon: 3 series average education. 1 ed. So Paulo: It stokes, 2007. Bibliographical references BITTENCOURT, Circe Fernandes Maria. Education of History: Beddings and Methods. 2 ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. FONSECA, Thais Nvia de Lima e. History and education of History. 2 edition. Belo Horizonte: It legalizes 2006.

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