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The implementation of services as identification of calls, mailbox messages, voicemail, video conference between two or more participants, redirection of calls and many more are available and each company is free to implement them. Some disadvantages of telephony ip VOIP technology offers a number of advantages but also offers an another disadvantage that have not been resolved and that a little hinder the explansion for the use of this technology. Power supply: IP telephony should not be very convenient if such a disaster in which electric power network was inoperative since this impossible to turn on the computer or the IP phone and the router to perform an emergency call is filed. Circuit-switched networks do not have this disadvantage since you have or power supply no phones following in functioning in a way that that voice over ip replace in your All analogue telephony should build stable sources of energy. Exact geographical location of a call: where you can turn on the computer and call the emergency line, there would be a way to be able to trace the call accurately to know how to respond more effectively to the emergency. It is perfectly possible to trace an ip address and locate in a wide geographical area but would this only us report of the city from where it originated the call not from the neighborhood or exact street. On the other hand companies providing internet access will assign ip addresses to their customers in a dynamic way in order to make optimal use of the limited quantities of ipv4 addresses that are currently available to global implementation of the successor of ipv4 ipv6.

So the allocation of unique ip addresses for each dwelling would be necessary, which would only be possible with the introduction worldwide of the next generation of ip Protocol Ipv6 which allows each individual on the planet to have one direction ip the growing supply of services on the copper wires: as emerged ADSL and VOIP also there is another series of services that make use of traditional telephone networks such as services related surveillance, home automation, television, radio, video games on network and other services that can compete for the use of the bandwidth to and subtracting quality to a voice over IP call. So that requires more bandwidth bandwidth and consensus among all bidders service industries that employ the same channel to redefine policy that guarantees QOS(Quality Of Service) or quality of service services based on VOIP standards or protocols. Sanchezdirectorio Andres Hispano I’ve been for more than 6 years as administrator of Linux and microinformatico systems. I am a fanatical apacionado by free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline of the known as flatland BMX. Currently recido in Bogota colombia from where development projects based on free software. Blogs similar Tractor operator gunned down in river copper HWiNFO32 3.43: information and testing of hardware with RDS computer components Blog Archive Vista: alter Configuracoes TCP/IP components of motherboards scarcity could increase its price Bernie Ecclestone proposes to use shortcuts in the circuits of F1 copper Tudo Design T.N.T La Caridad del Cobre cigars Burn as One PSUV publishes final list of candidates and respect in circuits makes MUD-Colon requires regions of Zulia overload circuits Cadafe implements any cuts

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