The cities of my Department have not suffered significant qualitative changes in recent decades and now begin, starting with the capital, to see lagging with respect to intermediate cities such as Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Ibague, Bucaramanga, Monteria and several others that without our royalties enjoy today attract visitors from all over the country. Therefore, we will continue dreaming and helping build a city different, furnished for comfort with public services of excellence that will not have to pay American prices, which put his heart in service to the taxpayer and that he can walk quiet by any municipality in night hours. I dream of a modern city, orderly, uncomplicated, cultured, respectful of the public space, but just with those who have no choice but to live that occupy it, which prioritize pedestrian and enjoyment of excellent mobility with an efficient public transport system. Sleep with a neatly ruled city in which the legality is respected not only in the acts and proceedings of the Government but in the acts and conduct of their rulers, a city with principles and values where our youth can have dozens and dozens of sports arenas, of parks well endowed, cultural offerings, and public libraries that it not almost compelled to use his leisure taking spirits, consuming drugs or going to a motel. A city whose schools are visited by other institutions of the country and from abroad to learn about educational quality, use of new technologies, harmonious coexistence and English proficiency. A city where can connect to broadband internet in good speed at any point and even during my journeys on public transport. Dream of a city whose expansion is not horizontal but vertical, with modern and smart to harness natural resources Sun, wind, water and land and buildings to generate big green pockets of native nature. A city with broad walkways and pedestrian, replete with cleaning, walks that blurring our creeks and roads major, under a provocative shadow of fruit trees and colorful flowers and that issuing a romantic smell.

Sleep with a city that do not bury their solid waste or throw to our formidable water supply wastewater but be an example of recycling at source and low-cost wastewater treatment. A city whose housing deficit is bearable because he has managed to provide their inhabitants homeless programs in which your contribution may be in work and kind instead of an unrealizable voluntary savings. A city that attracts students, investors, patients and tourists that will help boost the local economy. A city that provides incentives and real opportunities to repatriate as many educated abroad and in which its professionals do not dream to leave but that dream with their children to live and progress here. A city in which to live with physical and mental disability is more pleasant and easy. A city to help its inhabitants to beautify their facades and whose electrical cords are properly subterranizados. A city in which do not use the whistle but in urgent cases and in which one can go safe bicycling of any cardinal point to the other. I dream of a city where people smile, trust in others and in their Government, and can get up every morning thanking God for giving such nice place to live.

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