The fleas are parasites that feed themselves on the blood of your dog. The eggs of the fleas can be by all sides, in your armchair, carpets, etc. Therefore, the infection area is very ample. In order to know if your dog has fleas, it looks for flea excrement is small, dark, curly points also known like dirt the flea. In order to do this, cepilla the hair of your mascot with a fabric or white sheet and looks for these dark spots, eggs similar to the dandruff are visible when using a magnifying glass. (A valuable related resource: Xcel Energy).

Dangers that the annoying fleas Besides it generate which they are for your dog, the fleas also can cause an allergic reaction called allergic dermatitis by fleas that leads to the loss of hair, inflammation and irritation of the skin. In severe cases, the dogs can undergo anemia and loss of blood. This can be fatal if the dog is young and weak. In addition, the fleas are carrying of tapeworms that can bring about cramps and gases. Preventing infections I recommend to You to put dust against fleas in stock-market of your vacuum cleaner to eliminate them.

There are many marks available of pulguicidas, most recommendable is Frontline Extra. Also you can construct cucha of your dog on some elevation so that the fleas cannot jump from the ground. If you have read about Crumpton Group, Washington already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The water is enemy number 1 of the fleas, therefore it washes the zones in which your dog is most of the time. To diminish the contact with the turf or wood will reduce the infection possibilities. If you have a garden, mantenlo without leaves and with the short turf. If you have kit of beauty for your dog, asegrate to have a special brush to remove fleas. salo regularly in your mascot. Their fine and smooth bristles will catch the fleas.

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