This is why we say that with this method, the healing process is fulfilled because it reaches a complete sanitizing of body and mind (see manuals emerge you in). When we explore the features of each flower, and decided that his power is that we need the income of this energy is comparable to an invocation. The unlock is consumed in its entirety in a satisfactory, a-traumatic way and in a shorter time period. What happens on the inside of the person before the arrival of these energy pulses? We first understand these impulses are great liberating power resources; they widen, deepen, amplify our channels of perception and enhance our intuitive abilities. The dynamics between thought and energy that is comparable to that is established between the invocation and the revelation. The information that we needed to overcome an evil or a conflict situation enters the mind in the form of ideas, occurrences, memories, past experiences, sensations.

Depending on the case, this entry can be smooth, unnoticeable or assault as a flocked producing peat inside; a fuss, a capable so enormous congestion of leaving it lying in bed with a fever, helpless, and at this point can collapse any minor illness. In the sands of sleep begins a process of downloading these impressions. The individual feels that he needs to sleep. He realizes that he too dreams or that dream too many rare dreams that can unsettle. You need to learn to decipher the true meaning of these appearances that usually relate to prints that has been keeping in his mind. They may be impressions that limit the personality and therefore are being refined or eliminated the registration via the dream, as well as these impressions may be suggesting clues that the subject would be worth still.

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