Home Automation Solutions Facilitate Daily Life

Live comfortably with technical helpers in the age empty, August 09, 2011 – predicts the Federal Statistical Office, that up to the year 2060 every seventh German 80 years and will be older. In addition to, and many people have to live as long as possible independently in your own four walls. An increased need due to just age-related restrictions such as a reduced hearing, sight or mobility but after more safety and comfort in the home. To meet the senior citizens and nursing staff on the radio-based home automation system can draw HomeMatic of eQ-3 AG (www.eQ-3.de). This system combines numerous components from the areas of alarm, air conditioning or lighting etc. to the noticeable increase of domestic living comfort, combined with more security and the possibilities for the efficient energy savings.

HomeMatic was designed according to the motto “Technology from a single source”. This means that the devices are compatible with each other and can appropriately to individual needs Residents are aligned. Also, the user can easily even attach the components without technical knowledge and set up. The eQ-3 radio technology makes it possible to fit the HomeMatic system in existing housing situations. Elaborate laying of additional cables or drilling through walls belong to the past, which suited the devices for the installation in apartments for rent. CCU1 HomeMatic central control unit the user can easily operate all connected components.

Comprehensive safety concept can save lives especially the HomeMatic products from the area of danger warning is suitable for use in senior households. For example, special components with Radiofrequenzstrom(RF)-technologie permanently monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature. They are sent to a service provider for analysis. The values deviate significantly from the usual, ambulance or emergency services receive a notification and can intervene so promptly.

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