Java – Mobile Phones Language

J2ME language was developed by Sun Microsystems. December 22, 2006, was announced J2ME source licensed under the GNU General Public License, a project dubbed phoneME. Java ME was created specifically for devices with small configuration and connectivity. In addition to java Games created in Java, available various java applications – small, but extremely valuable program you're interested in the mobile phone. For example, how it would be cool to find out today currency exchange rate or weather forecast for many days to come and see the information you need to display the desired mobile. Today lots of companies selling java games and applications. However, not every time there is a chance or desire to buy a program's a certain amount. Cash, who is asking for Java programs, certainly not great, but you will agree that it is better to spend the money on phone calls, rather than the game. Besides programming environment for developers is available for any willing to grant. That's why our portal is open section where you can download free java games and applications. Our java directory updated with new games and software five times a week.

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